— Days Without Shea —

As I said before, I had some technical difficulties Wednesday night and only managed to get a few photos the night the now mighty Mets beat the Marlins 7-6 in 12 innings.

Here is another view of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda:

There was some lively chatter in the latest Willets Point post about where all the businesses should go should the Iron Triangle be taken over by the city. The term "eye sore" gets used alot to describe the business district of Willets Point. Good news: I have the solution. And it came to me Wednesday as I stared out beyond the outfield walls of Shea and DIDN'T see the alleged eye sores. Here's my proposal (pay attention Mr. Mayor)...

Keep Shea!

You can't see Willets Point anymore because Citi Field is in the way. But move into Citi Field, Mets, and fans will once again see Willets Point. So it's elementary, my dear Wilpons. Stay at Shea. We can turn Citi Field into a mall. Better yet, we can move some of the Willets Point businesses into Citi Field. We still won't be able to see them and now the employees will have a sewer system. Everybody wins.
Citi Field don't look so bad now, does it?

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