— Days Without Shea —

So I am walking up to Shea Stadium’s Gate A when I see the SNY crew set up outside for their pre-game show. Suddenly the crowd starts cheering as Darryl Strawberry arrives on the set. Straw walks up to Mazzili and hugs him:


The crowd went wild for Strawberry, even as he gave an interview:


Afterwards, Darryl stuck around  and signed autographs.




I didn’t get his autograph, opting instead for photos. For a minute it felt like my high school days, when my friend Dan and I waited outside after games to meet the ballplayers. We got a few autographs (Ray Knight, Keith Hernandez, Bob Murphy) and got to watch a drunk Dick Tidrow try and get in a taxi. And I did try to once steal Herm Winningham’s jersey, just because it was there. But  that’s another story. Anyway, it was good to see Strawberry looking healthy and still enjoying his star status. Didn’t he once call Shea “Dred Scott Stadium” in his autobiography?

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peteski said

Hall of Fame

[April 9, 2008 10:07 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Doug said

I lucked out, as Opening Day was in my Plan.

Some thoughts:

1. Beer is $8. I won't be buying much of it.

2. Parking is $15. I will either be parking in the Commuter Lot in the AM for $3, or taking the train.

3. I wonder what impact CitiField will have on the wind patterns.

4. Only the Mets could make a 45 year-old look like a Cy Young candidate. The game should have been blown open in the 4th.

5. I miss seeing the UHAUL sign from my seats.


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Strawyberry=Interesting Television Programming said

I always have been a fan of Strawberry even when he was going through his "rough" times (for lack of a better word haha)...I'm kind of pissed I missed opening day..either way having Strawberry on SNY should provide some interesting television programming

[April 9, 2008 11:34 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Bobster said

I'm glad Strawberry has survived has bout with colon cancer.

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