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by Kingman on April 24 at 8:01PM

SheaCitiFromtrain_Openingday08The Mets announced Wednesday that they have sold three million tickets for the 2008 season: the fastest they have ever reached this magic number.

According to the press release:

By comparison, the Mets reached the same benchmark on May 24 last year.

The Mets in each of the past two seasons have set successive ticket sales records -- 3,853,949 tickets in 2007 and 3,379,535 tickets in 2006.

Can CitiField ever hit these kind of numbers. Possibly. The new stadium claims a total capacity of 45,000, including standing room tickets. If every game is a sellout, The Mets will sell 3,645,000 tickets to Citi Field, maximum, for the year.




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Bobster said

Astonishing! I recall the first time the Mets drew TWO MILLION to Shea - it was in 1970, the year after the Miracle Mets. That was considered a sensational figure, but now the Mets have sold 50% more tickets than that at Shea and it's only April! Baseball has never been more popular.

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Doug said

Before 1993, the National League calculated attendance by counting turnstile receipts. What that meant was, if a game was sold out, and the weather was poor, but not awful -- they played the game -- but only 10,000 fans showed up, then the club would only get credit for 10,000 fans, even though they sold 56,000 tickets.

Had the current attendance counting methods been in place in the 1980's, the Mets would have been the first club in New York to draw 4 million -- NOT the Yankees.

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