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by Kingman on April 11 at 8:44AM
Every spring, we hear the same refrains: "This is the Mets year," "I'm going to wear a bikini this summer," and "Did you see how much beer costs at Shea?"

Yet every year, people manage to afford enough beer at Shea to get blotto'ed and embarrass themselves. Clearly, the Mets have the wealthiest alcoholic fans in Queens.

But with gas heading to $4/gallon and a possible recession looming, it's time to break down the true cost of beer at Shea Stadium.

Loge13 regular Don Hahn Solo did just that in a recent note to me:

  • $8 for 16 ounces is fifty cents an ounce.
  • There are 128 ounces in a gallon.
  • Bud at Shea Stadium is $64 a gallon.
Remember that the next time you drive to Shea in your hybrid Budweiser convertible.

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Doug said

Crap and Crap Light is $64 per gallon? Good way to put it. I can buy a 12 pack of Miller for for price of one Shea beer.

I bet bottled water (RIP Public Drinking Fountains) is not too far behind.

If it's any consolation, beer at MSG is $8. Beer at the Prudentail Center is also $8. Those setting the price know they can get it.

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