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Today is the 39th anniversary of one of the greatest baseball moments in Mets history: the Agee home run.

Last summer, we took this photo of the marker up in the UpperDeck, Section 48, that commemorates the event.

On April 10, 1969 Tommie Agee hit a tremendous home run halfway up in the left field upper deck at Shea Stadium. That hit is still the highest hit ball in Shea Stadium history. This painting was installed to recognize the feat.

Wanna know how far that is: here is the view from the marker on Opening Day 2008:

Only 8,608 fans were in attendance on April 10, 1969 to witness the home run and see the Mets beat the Expos 4-2. Agee actually hit two home runs that day, off the starting -- and losing -- pitcher Larry Jaster. Gary Gentry got the win, giving up 7 hits and striking out 4 over 8.2 innings of work. 

In 1969, Agee scored 97 runs and won a second Gold Glove. In the 1969 World Series, he was instrumental in the Mets' victory in Game 3, in which he hit a home run and made two incredible catches that saved five runs.

The Bobster also memorialized Tommie Agee in an earlier post, (sadly the video of the 1969 catch was removed by MLB).

Bobster wrote:

Who was the greatest center fielder in Mets history?

My vote goes to Tommie Agee, even though he only played a few years for them in the late '60s and early '70s.

This clip from Game 3 of the 1969 World Series shows why......it came at a crucial moment, with the Mets leading 4-0 but the bases loaded for the Baltimore Orioles in the 7th inning.  If this wasn't caught by Agee, the score probably would have been 4-3 and the whole momentum of the game and the series could have shifted to the Orioles.  What made this catch so phenomenal wasn't just the distance Agee covered to make it, but the fact that this was Agee's SECOND circus catch of the game!  The Mets went on to win this game 5-0, and two days later they were World Series champs.

A promising young fireballer named Nolan Ryan is pitching in relief for the Mets.

This is also the last anniversary of the Agee marker. There will be no more Shea Stadium in a year so no marker necessary. I doubt  the Mets will try to save this chunk of cinder block...but if they are considering it, I volunteer to have it hauled to my back yard. I'm sure my neighbors won't mind.

RIP Tommie Agee.

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Andrew Vazzano said

[...]Loge 13 takes a retrospective look at Tommy Agee, his home run, and it's ceremonial marker on the 39th anniversary of the highest hit ball in Shea Stadium history.[...]

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