— Days Without Shea —

Full disclosure: Today’s posts have no Shea Stadium, New York Mets or sports content at all. Loge13 readers and BlogsByFans.com brethren not interested in the Pope or Yankee Stadium: avert your eyes.

Although Mass took two and 1/2 hours, Lady Kingman said it did not feel that long. Here is Pope Benedict processing up to the altar:


During Mass, Lady Kingman said she was amazed at how quiet 50,000 church-goers could get. Occasionally in the silence, a lone voice would scream out “Viva Papa,” and a few other folks would join in. The Pope smiled and waved at these outbursts:


Lady Kingman also said praying the “Our Father” with 50,000 people was interesting. Here’s a shot of Yankee Stadium’s upper deck:


Handing out Communion took a small army of priests. Here they are:


And here the priests are, filtering into the stands to give out Communion:


Pope at Yankee Stadium - Complete Coverage:

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