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Full disclosure: Today’s posts have no Shea Stadium, New York Mets or sports content at all. Loge13 readers and BlogsByFans.com brethren not interested in the Pope or Yankee Stadium: avert your eyes.

No, hell did not freeze over and Loge13 did not become a Yankee blog. Lady Kingman did go to the Bronx today to check out the Pope and filed her excellent observations.

2008 marks the end of two mighty stadiums in both baseball and New York history. Loge13 is dedicated to memorializing the great Shea Stadium. But this weekend’s Papal visit reminds us that some landmark events did occur in that other stadium in the Bronx. Giants football. Boxing. An occasional post-season game. The new homes for the Mets and Yankees will be pretty but alot of history will be reduced to rubble in less than a year.

After Mass today, Pope Benedict descended into the Yankee dugout to change (after a 2 1/2 hour Mass, he probably had to use Girardi’s washroom as well). Here is the PopeMobile idling on the first base line. Notice the priests on the cell phones:


Here is Pope Benedict leaving Yankee Stadium. Lady Kingman was sitting near many firefighters and policemen…you can see quite a few in the photos.



Thus concludes Lady Kingman’s dispatches from Yankee Stadium. While writing this, the Mets erased a 4–run Phillie lead and are now tied in the top of the 6th as the blue and orange go for the sweep. We now return to our regularly scheduled coverage of the demise of Shea.


Pope at Yankee Stadium - Complete Coverage:

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