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We wrote a few posts recently aboutJane Jarvis, Shea Stadium’s premier music maker. She came up in the news last month after the NYC crane tragedy. A few of us wrote into the Mets asking if they would be remembering Jane in Shea’s final year. You can see at least one reply here.

Loge13 stalwart Bobster sent in his memories of Jane:

Everybody knows how a song can suddenly take you back to a time and place.  An oldies station does that, making you remember a high school dance, or a football homecoming, or summer camp.

Reading about the former Mets organist Jane Jarvis certainly does that for me.  I'll never forget the sense of anticipation as Jane launched into "Lets Go Mets" and the team stood on the front steps of the dugout at Shea, preparing to run onto the field to start the game.  Or hearing that little ditty she played whenever a Met hit a home run (even before they installed the Home Run Apple).  Or hearing her play the Mexican Hat Dance for the seventh inning stretch.

Here's a picture of Jane from the 1968 Mets yearbook. 


For fans of my generation, the memory of her organ playing returns us to those summers of our youth, especially that magical summer of 1969.  I'm glad Jane is starting to get remembered in this final season of Shea Stadium, and hope the Mets give her a fitting tribute this year.


Thanks Bobster!

I was hanging with Loge13’s Ron Hunt and Don Hahn Solo last night. Trivia question from Hunt: What kind of organ did Jane Jarvis play? 


[April 19, 2008 11:16 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Bobster said

The Thomas organ?

[April 20, 2008 10:36 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Kingman said


[May 21, 2008 12:47 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Van Chocstraw said

Nowhere near the original, but the MIDI-to-mp3 file at my URL will give those who've never heard the song a little taste of how it went. What I wouldn't give for an original recording.

[May 21, 2008 12:50 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Van Chocstraw replied to Van Chocstraw

I wasn't sure how the "URL" field would show up in the comment, but if you click on my name it will take you to the page. No ads, no popups, no spam. Just a couple of links (one to this page) and a direct-download 52-second mp3 file 170K).

[October 5, 2008 10:43 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Tony said

Can someone tell me the name of the song Jane Jarvis would play when the Mets took the field. It was not Meet the Mets. I would like to know how I can get a copy of this

[October 9, 2008 4:28 PM]  |  link  |  reply
nugget said

It was called "Let's Go Mets." The best version is probably on Game 5 of the 1969 World Series. In 1990, Howie Rose had someone record a version of it for Mets Extra on Old Times Day. Not nearly as good as Jane's version, but you can get the idea. I have a copy of that, but it's on reel to reel tape, and I no longer have a reel to reel recorder. One post (maybe here?) said there is sheet music for Let's Go Mets. There was another song that Jane played when the Mets hit a home run. I have no idea about the name, so if anyone knows, please post.

[September 7, 2009 8:38 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Tony Mondaro said

Thanks for anwering the question here about what song played when the Mets took the field it's been bugging the heack out of me for years, Since I love organ music I loved as a kid going to Shea and also hearing Jane's wonderful music on WOR TV 9, I called Howie Rose to thank him after he played some Jane's music on WFAN mets programs on fourth of july in the 90s I loved it and got chills just listening to it, it brought me back to a certain place and time. Long live Jane she will always be the Queen of Meleody.

[June 28, 2011 11:14 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Howard L said

The concession stands at Shea sold a book with music and words to the tunes that Jane Jarvis regularly played at Shea. It was sold around 1966 and called "The Mets Sing-A-Long."

[June 28, 2011 11:19 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Howard L said

The song when the Mets took the field is called "Lets Go Mets." The words are....
Three cheers for all the boys who play-
Lets Go Mets.
The team that soon will have its day-
Lets Go Mets.
Amazin yes they are-
Each player is a star-
The best in the land by far they are... Lets Go Mets (then a key change and repeat lyrics).
I will probably find this book when my parents pass away and I sadly will have to empty their house. I will save it, and hopefully by then, I will have figured out how to scan the book and post it for you guys.

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