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by Kingman on April 10 at 8:20AM
On Tuesday, my dad and I were at Shea Stadium for the "official" last opening day at Shea Stadium.

But Wednesday night was the true opener: the first night for our last season in Loge13.

And all the stars of the section turned out: NBC television star Ron Hunt to our left, the Bayside Boys right in front of us. It was a great night for hanging out. No tears were shed. Just plans on how we can begin dismantling our seats one piece at a time throughout the season to avoid costly auctions later.

The Mets made up for their miserable showing Tuesday, by beating the Phillies 8-2. In truth, the Phillies beat themselves: 4 errors, 7 walks, a wild pitch. They were as generous to us as we were to them opening day.

Nice to see pelfrey get a first win under his belt. He wasn't dominant but it was a great start to build on. El Duque took another step backwards in rehab and is now out indefinitely so we need Mike to step up.

Perhaps the most remarkable part of the win: Wright and Beltran went a combined 0-8 on the night, although Wright did hit a sharp grounder in the 1st that handcuffed Utley and was ruled an error (shoulda been a hit).

Other notes on the Loge13 Opener:
* New feature at Shea this year: Name that Shea Summer. In the middle of the 6th inning, events from a year are flashed on DiamondVision and fans have to guess what year they transpired. last night: Seaver's rookie year and Sgt. Pepper is released. name it. (C'mon that's an easy one).

* Funny line of the night.Angel Pagan's music as he walks to the plate: The Indiana Jones theme. A new Loge 13 resident wondered if Pagan was just "too lazy to pick his own music." Either that or he is a serious Harrison Ford nerd.

* Ryan Church, meanwhile, strides to the plate to Ozzie's "Crazy Train." odd choice for a born-again Christian. There may be more to this guy than just trying to save our souls.

* Fan alert; I gotta say this. We've been to the first two Mets games at Shea Stadium this year and so far, there is an ugly increase in obnoxious fan behavior. I know the Phillies are in town and they are our arch enemy, blah-blah-blah, but it's getting out of control. There were more fights in the stands Wednesday and more curse-polluted chants bellowed out by drunken buffoons clearly not there to watch the game. And I'm not being an old cuss. Even when I was one of those drunken buffoons going to the game, I had the decency to keep my f*%$#ng mouth shut. Let's remember: we lost to the Phillies in the NL East last year. Oh, and we lost to them Tuesday also. So it would be wise to shut up, root for the Mets and talk smack only when there's something to talk about.

Enough of that: Johnny Maine goes tonight against Adam Eaton.

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