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I didn’t get to see the Mets/Phillies game last night. Ron Hunt, Don Hahn Solo and a few other Loge13’ers went and saw the Rolling Stones Imax flick “Shine a light.” Awesome movie…and of course, the Rolling Stones are the greatest band to ever play our beloved Shea Stadium.

So we missed Johan manhandling the Phillies and Wright’s offensive display. We also apparently missed the offensive Philly fans cheering when Reyes got hurt and booing when he actually got up and stayed in the game. This is why I have been bummed about recent Met fan behavior – we’re starting to act like Depressed Philly fans. At least Met fans cheered good fielding plays by Victorino on opening day. Speaking of which, today’s matchup is Perez vs. Moyer – the same as Shea’s opener. Lets hope the results are better.

Meanwhile, this weekend, Lady Kingman is going to see Pope Benedict at Yankee Stadium (Yes she can go to Yankee Stadium: we were granted papal dispensation). One of our good friends is playing for the Pope and scored tickets for the Papal Mass Sunday so Lady Kingman is going with my all-time favorite aunt (I call her that because she reads Loge13.com). I hope Lady Kingman comes back with some good photos and stories to share.

This is an appropriate time to remember John Paul II’s visit to Shea Stadium in 1979. And a young Kingman was in attendance!


That was a weird day. My grandparents and Aunt (who was a nun) scored tickets to the Pope's Shea appearance on his 1979 U.S. tour. It rained all day while we huddled under tarps up in the Mez section, drinking hot cocoa. Minutes before the PopeMobile arrived, the rain stopped the sun came out and a rainbow appeared out past left field. If I was Pope, that is EXACTLY the kind of entrance I would make every time. Impressive stuff.

John Paul II said prayers in about 13 different languages. I can’t remember too much of what he said, but I recall the crowd listening to every word, even the ones they didn’t understand. My grandparents and aunt have passed on now, but the Pope’s visit to Shea Stadium is one of the fondest memories I have of them and of Shea.

If you were at Shea that day, I’d love to hear from ya…

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Bobster said

The Stones are the greatest band to ever play at Shea????

Sir, those are fightin' words!

The greatest band to ever play at Shea is the best band there ever was or ever will be.

The four lads from Liverpool, of course!

[April 20, 2008 10:36 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Kingman said

Uh-oh. No one ever wins in a Stones-Beatles battle. Can we at least agree that Grand Funk Railroad was the third best band to ever play Shea?

[April 21, 2008 7:39 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Ron Hunt said

Hold on! Kingman your humorous aside notwithstanding, as much as I love the old Who, the two money lovers left no longer represent the Who, we need to praise and mention the only band the matters - THE CLASH!

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