— Days Without Shea —

April 17, 1964, Shea Stadium opened her doors for the first time.

Happy 44th - and final - birthday, Shea.

The Bobster sent along this vintage clip of April 17, 1964:

Sadly, there will be no more openers for our glorious 1st Wonder Of Flushing. She is doomed to go to the great ballpark graveyard. People can mock your concrete carriage, your outdated efficiencies, your challenging parking. Shea's shortcomings only made us heartier fans, not pampered, luxury box-dwelling ninnies (like you might find in the Bronx). We breathe Jamaica Bay breezes and eat overcooked Italian sausages and cheer on underperforming versions of the Mets year in, year out.

As Loge13 wise man Ron Hunt once said, Shea may be a dump...But it's OUR DUMP.

Long Live Shea Stadium! Happy Birthday From Loge13!

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G-Fafif said

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
How Do You Figure
A Last Year On Earth?
--Jonathan Larson

Here's to 44 seasons of love and one to grow on.

Happy birthday Shea.

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Ron Hunt said

Happy Birthday, Big Shea! Let's celebrate the positive, we have time to dwell on her demise.

For those of you going, I'll be in Loge 13, or watching the game, the "real" Ron Hunt will be on hand to help change the games remaining number on the outfield wall. All hail our first starting All-Star, #33!

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