— Days Without Shea —

Most Met fans expected Yankee Stadium would get the bigger send-off in its last year of existence. So far, that has been true. Heck, even when Loge 13'er Ron Hunt and I made our broadcast network television debut last month, NBC only did a 1/2 hour on Shea, but an hour on the Spankees.

That's fine. Yankee Stadium is older so there's more to talk about. But that does not diminish Shea's contributions to baseball, to New York and to human civilization.

Shea Stadium has hosted World Series Champions, Super Bowl champs, Popes, Rock & Roll's elite, Wrestling greats, etc. Lets not short-change the mighty Shea.

The 10 Spot Blog published a great post on why Shea is ultimately better than Yankee Stadium. here is the full list. I especially love #9:

10. Boasts cooler if little-known nickname as "House that Choo-Choo Coleman Constructed"

9. Nothing buried there but '07 Mets

8. Chipper Jones didn't name his kid "Yankee," did he?

7. Best large-scale use of color orange outside prison yards

6. Giant apple that popped up for home runs reminded kids to eat healthy -- once they finished overpriced coke and crackerjacks

5. With Bonds gone, Mr. Met is baseball's top huge-headed attraction

4. 24 fewer championship banners = improved sight lines

3. More-popular-than-Jesus Beatles played there, which according to the transubstantive property, trumps three Pope visits

2. Surrounding area dynamite for buying hubcaps

1. Absence of Yankee fans

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Brian said

This picture brings a tear to my eye.

Maybe I do have a soft spot for the cesspool.

[April 18, 2008 4:27 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Mike replied to Brian


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