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I’m back after an extended St. Patrick’s Day. Between the holiday, the sudden disappearance of Bear Stearns and the sudden onslaught of kinky NY governors, it was tough to update Loge13 this week.

Rickey24 posted a comment that everyone should read:

Just wanted to forward you a copy of a letter that the Yankees sent to all of their ticket licensees (including partial plan holders) regarding seat relocation. Hopefully, the Mets get their act together and send their full and partial plan holders a similar letter soon.

Here's the link.

According to NYYStadiumInsider, the letter says:

"During the 2008 Season, you will receive official New Yankee Stadium Relocation Program information, which will contain a Relocation Guide and other related materials. The Relocation Guide will detail our comprehensive Relocation Program as well as your options for securing seat locations at the new Yankee Stadium. It will also contain information detailing the criterias used to establish the Relocation Program. [snip]”

If it is true that this letter went to partial season ticket holders as well as full-season ticket holders, that would be very disappointing. The wording seems to indicate this letter went to full season ticket holders. If anyone knows a Yankee fan with a partial plan, please ask them. And if any Mets officials are reading (and we know you do), please drop a line, even privately, to confirm if and when the Mets might make the same overtures to your fans. If not, the Yankees definitely have an upper hand in fan relations right now.

Thanks much for the heads up, Rickey24! And the way the Mets fielders are ailing, we may need #24 soon.

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Doug said

The Yankees have sent out letters because they have sold all the season tickets / partial plans they intend to sell. Their website reads, "Season / Partial Plans are no longer on sale." They have closed the door for season / partials this season, and therefore have the players - better known as ticket buyers - they need to accommodate in their new ballpark.

The Mets have yet to "Close the door" on season ticket / partial plan sales.

I am sure that once that door is closed, we will get a letter. As I have commented earlier, it is not in the best interest of the Mets to announce plans until they have sold as many plans as they can.

Last time I checked, the Mets were still offering Full Season Tickets in Mezz Box 20, Mezz Res 22, and Upper Box 16.... Plenty of "Box" Seats still out there.

No need to yell out, "The Sky is Falling!" yet...


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Ross (NYYStadiumInsider.com) said

FYI - I am a half-season 46 game "B Plan" ticket-holder and I got that letter, so partial ticket holders were informed as well as full-season.

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