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by Kingman on March 4 at 6:06PM

Shea_City_CBSOur own Ron Hunt forwarded this AP news item via CBS Radio’s site: Shea Stadium is putting a ban on smoking in 2008.

Don't even think about lighting up at Shea Stadium this year.

The New York Mets announced Tuesday that the entire stadium will be smoke-free during the Mets' final season there. The team said the new policy applies to the stadium's ramps.

Shea's seating area has been smoke-free since 1995.

The Mets will continue to provide a smoke-free environment next year when they move into Citi Field, their new home next to Shea.

This year, fans who can't sit through nine innings without a cigarette will have to go to a designated area reserved for smokers.

I thought the ramps were the designated area for smokers. Good thing Keith Hernandez switched to lollipops.

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Bobster said

Hurrah! Having grown up at a time when smoking was permitted almost everywhere (restaurants, movies, airplanes, offices, etc.) and you were considered a crank if you protested, I applaud whenever smoking in public is eliminated. As for the proposed designated smoking area, I suggest somewhere in New Jersey.

P.S. - cool picture of Shea/Citi Field!

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Michael said

Wow! That's awesome! I gave up smoking years ago. I really enjoyed fishing near the east river by the marina near Shea. There was great fishing over there. It's nice to see some jobs being created.

M.D.,CEO http://penfishingrods.com

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