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by Kingman on March 14 at 12:11PM

Yesterday we posted an old photo of the Polo Grounds that the Bobster surfaced.

I’ve been thinking for awhile about what artifacts from Shea Stadium Met fans may get to secure. Obviously others think about this too.

It is worth noting that not much survives of either the old Polo Grounds or the blueprint for Citi Field: Ebbets Field.

FlagPoleIn Brooklyn, you can find a plaque on the Jackie Robinson Apartments on the site of the old stadium.

Then there’s the Ebbets Field flagpole, pictured to the left. According to ebaseballparks.com, it is one of the only Ebbets artifacts still resding in Brooklyn:

Saved from the wrecking ball and donated to a VFW post, the old center field flagpole still stands tall, though almost entirely in oblivion today.

In the heart of Flatlands, adjacent to the sidewalk, you can go right up to her, put your hand on it, close your eyes, and either imagine what it was like in day's past, or for those who were there, remember the bond that existed between a team and the borough of Brooklyn.

Either way, the echoes of the past are still here today.

So there you have it: 50 years after the Dodgers shattered a neighborhood and a city by moving west, the only physical testament to those heady times is a worn flagpole. And a new stadium being built in another borough that resembles the structure.

The end of Ebbets must have affected Fred Wilpon very much. he is a real New Yorker (and Brooklynite) after all. It will be interesting to hear his thoughts about Shea Stadium as the season goes on. Meanwhile we will be posting more specifics about the demise of both the Polo Grounds and Ebbets Field shortly.

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Adam said

I was wondering where exactly the flagpole stands? My father grew up a die hard dodgers fan and I'd love to tell him where to find the flagpole today exactly.


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Cenap Dada said

Unfortunately, the flagpole was removed from the VFW building some years ago when it was converted to a church. No one seems to know where it ended up. Any ideas?

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