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by Kingman on February 19 at 11:57AM

BillyJoelLast weekend, some music and Shea Stadium fans got tickets to the “Last Play at Shea” show by Billy Joel, July 16th. This was billed as the last concert ever at Shea Stadium.

And that was true. Until now.

Because those 50,000 tickets sold out so quickly, Joel is adding a second swan song concert, to be held July 18th. So if you thought you had tickets to the last concert ever at Shea Stadium when you got tickets Saturday, you were wrong.

Tickets for the new last rock show at Shea Stadium go on sale February 23.

I hope this means there are two last games at Shea Stadium September 28.


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Doug said

I too, did not try too hard to get these tickets. I've seen Billy the Kid many times already.

It does not surprise me that 50,000 seats sold out in one hour. I recall waiting on line at a TicketMaster, in the snow, for tickets to see Pink Floyd at Yankee Stadium back in 1994. The first show sold out in an hour, too. They were quick to add additional shows (which I did get - my bracelet got didn't get me a shot at ducats to the fist show). The ticket-sale rate is par for this type of concert.


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