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by Kingman on February 5 at 4:59PM

Namath1The Bobster e-mailed me before the Super Bowl and reminded me I have neglected the Jets on Loge13.

This is true and I suppose this oversight may be deliberate. I was a big Jet fan in the 1970’s, when they played in Shea. When they left Queens and moved to New Jersey, I hated them and stopped watching football for awhile. It didn't help that a lawnmower almost landed on my head at a 1979 Jet game at Shea Stadium. But that's another story...

Then I left Queens and moved to New Jersey a few years ago. Now I have some issues to work out.

But the Giants have now won Super Bowl XLII. And today there is a parade. In New York. Ridiculous. The New York Giants and New York Jets play in New Jersey. They are not New York teams. The Jets still practice at Hofstra but next year, that will change too. But these two franchises will never admit they are Jersey teams. I guess I am not the only one with relocation issues.

Anyway, Bobster writes:

Let's not leave out the NY Jets when considering the last days of Shea!  Remember, the first championship team to play at Shea wasn't the Mets.  The Jets won the American Football League title in December 1968, then won the Super Bowl two weeks later in January 1969.


Thanks for the photos, Bobster.


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G-Fafif said

Worth noting that the New York Giants' last home win in New York City took place on Sunday, December 14, 1975 at Shea Stadium, a 28-14 victory over the New Orleans Saints. When John Mara acknowledged longtime Giants fans Sunday night, including those whose fealty stretched back to the Polo Grounds (which gave bumps to my goose), I was hoping he'd throw in a mention on their one year at Shea, when Bill's Place was the only big-time four-team home field in America.

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