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by Kingman on February 5 at 5:20PM

I’m not raining on the Giants’ parade today. I’m just a contrarian. And by the time the next football season rolls around, Shea Stadium will be on the short end of its existence.

Here’s a great photo of Joe Namath playing at Shea, courtesy of the NYTimes archives:

N.Y. Jets vs Houston Oilers at Shea Stadium, Sept. 18,1966

This photo captures a rare moment captured when Joe Namath leaped to complete a pass over the defensive line.


That’s back when Joe had knees.

True story about the Jets and their training grounds out at Hofstra University. My aunt was a nun and at one point, was stationed out on Long Island. She provided day care services for kids on the Hofstra campus. Her apartment was on the opposite side of campus. Between the two points was the field on which the Jets would practice.

My aunt walked across that field to get to her job every day, 12 months a year – whether the Jets were there or not. It was the quickest way to work and no one was going to alter her course. When the Jets would come and set up camp at Hofstra, she still stubbornly walked across the field and live practice to get to work. The Jets officials knew when she was coming and would halt practice for her. Pretty cool stuff. She was a great lady and the Jets were pretty kind by not sacking her. Although she probably could have held her own.

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Mike said

Outstanding! Keep the Jets memories from Shea coming!

[April 20, 2008 9:20 PM]  |  link  |  reply
fd said

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deb said

does anyone else remember an orchestra at the open end of the stadium during Jet games? I think maybe it was the Bob Chevy orchestra-this was in the late 70' early 80's

[April 15, 2009 1:59 AM]  |  link  |  reply
laptop power battery said

I think maybe it was the Bob Chevy orchestra-this was in the late 70' early 80's Tacho Universal 2008

[September 26, 2010 8:21 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Bob Forman said

You are correct. It was the Bob Chevy Orchestras out of Brooklyn. I was part of the that group that played at Shea and at Hofstra University

[November 21, 2010 5:37 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Anon said

Hey Bob F,

Other members of that band - Bobby Roscigno and Marv Adler - small world...

[November 22, 2010 10:24 PM]  |  link  |  reply
bob forman said

OMG. Dr Marvin Adler and Bobby Roscigno. How are you guys. Its been 29 years since we started Faze 4.

[November 9, 2011 3:18 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Brian Papworth said

My Uncle, Alex McKenna played in that band too! Marvin Adler... Starvin' Marvin? Used to line his tuxedo with tin foil and take home rolls from wedding gigs!

[July 2, 2012 3:15 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Bob Forman said

Alex McKenna. OMG. He is responsible for recording all of the Gary's Gang TV appearances in 1979 on VHS tape and giving them to me. My father went out and spent 1200 on a Panasonic top loading VCR

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