— Days Without Shea —

Yesterday we officially learned that Billy Joel would perform the last concert in Shea history. This compelled Jon from Mets By The Numbers to comment:

Let's face it, it's a terrible choice. Billy Joel doesn't deserve to be aligned with the Mets, much less the Beatles. I say we implode Billy Joel and get my high school marching band to re-form. We at least played there once.

If you have never been to mbtn.net, stop reading and go there. Then come back for the rest of this post…

…Welcome back. Jon was so kind as to provide a visual history of his Shea gig. Thanks for taking the time to share the photos and memories.  if anybody else has Shea band memories to share – or any other Shea momentos – Loge13 is here for you. And now, on to Jon…

Harborfields High in Greenlawn (Suffolk County) played a Jets halftime in fall of 1983. I was a senior. I'm pretty sure it was the Bills on 11/13/83, if not it was the Colts a week earlier. It was a cool, grey day and of course one of the last pro football games ever played at Shea. The Jets lost.

I don't really remember much about the game, though I do believe it was the first and still the only time I've ever walked on the field at Shea. I was aware we were coming in from the visiting bullpen and assembling along the warning track but it didn't look like those things to me. The band probably played "Son of a Preacher Man," "Goody Two Shoes" and one other song.

Sorry again about the quality of these photos. They're scans from a poorly shot and composed yearbook.

Picture 1 – This shows the band & drill team at the 50-yard line facing what I think was the third-base stands (?). I am in the front row just to the right of the 50 yard line playing a trombone. That white thing on the grass next to the second dancer from the right is the feather plume that fell out of my hat moments before. Our band director, Mr. Domencetti, is standing on the bench with the megaphone. Some meathead jocks from our school came to the game and threw tennis balls at us while we performed. Some of those balls are visible in the foreground.


Picture 2 –  Obviously an even worse shot, but what's interesting is the dark banner in the background. If you can make it out it reads: HESS THE CARPETBAGGER. Is that great or what? I don't think the Mets would let a similar banner fly at Shea this year, much less in the equivalent of right behind home plate. The other banners read N. JAVA (?)  LOVES THE JETS; KEEP THE FAITH: 6 WINS AND WE'RE IN (that wasn't the case).


Picture 3 – Still worse, but shows us assembling beneath the old DiamondVision (and the DiamondVision spelling out school name incorrectly).


Priceless. Thanks Jon!

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