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by Kingman on February 12 at 8:59PM

AppleThe SaveTheApple.com guys have been pushing for the Mets to move Shea Stadium’s home run Apple to Citi Field.

Tonight, the AP had a false positive story entitled, “Apple will travel to Mets new park.” (Thanks to Ron Hunt for the note).

In the story we get this:

"The big home run apple is coming," the team's chief operating officer, Jeff Wilpon, said Tuesday during a media tour of Citi Field, the new stadium.

An apple is coming, at any rate. Mets officials said they did not know whether it would be the same fiberglass apple that has popped up like a champagne cork following Mets homers since 1980.

But a well to house the apple was visible beyond center field at the new stadium, which Wilpon said is on schedule and on budget _ about $800 million.

The guys over at SaveTheApple.com have already responded:

 We reported last August that The Apple would not be moving. We've made it clear that we're well aware there will be AN apple. We don't want Apple fans to get too excited here, because we're learning nothing new.

We still stand firmly and strongly behind keeping the same, ORIGINAL Apple that sits at Shea now. A replica/copy/new Apple is not what we want.

But this means one important thing... THE APPLE CAN BE SAVED! If the Mets don't know, then we can help them pick. Now is the time to SPREAD THE WORD and SIGN THE PETITION. BE LOUD, BE PROUD, SCREAM IT OUT: SAVE THE APPLE

So go sign their petition. And thanks for the shout-out on your site, guys. Keep up the good work!


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