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FaithFearnotebookGreg over at Faith and Fear in Flushing has started feature called “Flashback Friday: Tales from the log.” It is mandatory reading for Met/Shea fans.

Greg has taken notes about every Met game he has ever attended in a steno notebook (pictured here—>). That’s 358 regular-season games and 13 postseason games since 1973.

Greg is going to reference entries all season long as tribute to Shea Stadium. Nice.

Does this make Greg the first Mets analog blogger?

Nice job Greg!


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G-Fafif said

Gosh, The Log has made it into the Loge! It was always just one 'e' away.

FYI, The Log's 13th (in tribute to Loge 13) is a July 26, 1980 loss to the Reds, 5-1. Roy Lee Jackson started. Jerry Morales fumbled a ball in the right field corner. John Stearns broke his index finger on a foul ball and was out for the year. I jogged down the wrong staircase at Woodside, causing my friend Joel and I to miss our train. My record dipped to 4-9.

Yet I'm pretty sure I had a great time.

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G-Fafif said

As long as I'm impatiently clicking on the post button, a little video treat for Loge 13 readers regarding The Most Hallowed Turf In Rock:


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