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by Kingman on January 17 at 8:26PM

Last June here in Loge13, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the marriage between Spiderman and his longtime girlfriend Mary Jane Watson.

The ceremony was held on June 5th 1987 at Shea Stadium. Here’s a clip of the couple on the happy day:

Sadly, just as the Mets and Shea Stadium are divorcing, Spiderman and Mary Jane are calling it quits. The only difference is Mary Jane isn’t being torn down brick by brick and auctioned off in pieces (as far as we know).

Officially the couple isn’t splitting up. The new issue of the comic explains how the webbed wonder gets unwedded:

After Peter Parker's beloved Aunt May was wounded in an attack, Spider-Man and Mary Jane reluctantly struck a deal with the devil-like Mephisto in which he erased everyone's memory of the couple's time together in exchange for May being restored to good health.

Does this mean it is 1987 again and we have 21 more years of Shea to live over? Excellent! Oh the things we could change:

  • Don’t trade Lenny
  • Get Darryl to rehab sooner
  • Get Dwight to rehab sooner
  • Keep Hundley on steroids longer
  • Get Keith to quit smoking and whoring. That would add another 5 years to his career.
  • Never hire Dallas Green
  • Get Casey’s Pub declared a national treasure to ensure the Mets never close it.
  • Keep Cone.
  • Kazmir (‘nuff said)
  • Keep Pulsipher, Wilson and Izzy in the minors another year.
  • Show Bonilla the Bronx. Keep him there.
  • Get Duaner Sanchez a Hummer and a qualified driver.
  • And most important, get a date with Mary Jane Watson.

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