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by Kingman on January 1 at 12:26PM

LogeSignHappy New Year from Loge13. After a brief respite, we are back. Loge13 was off, but not for the holidays. I was moving into a new house the past 10 days and unable to do much more than move boxes.

In a way, moving was great preparation for the big event of 2008: Shea Stadium’s demise. My family and I moved out of the quaint little house we’ve owned the past eight years into a slightly bigger, more modern abode around the corner. Like Shea Stadium, our old house wasn’t pretty but it was functional and chock full of great memories: our kid’s first steps, Christmas mornings and of course, watching Met games.

Like Citi Field, the new house is slick, with lots of 21st century amenities (such as a smoke alarm that talks instead of blares: “Fire, fire: get out of the house now!” We set it off the first time we cooked). Also like Citi Field, our new house abuts the old house’s back yard so I can watch the new residents slowly take apart the place and dismantle the physical monument to many happy moments.

The biggest difference is that, unlike Citi Field, I can actually get in to our new house. In 2009, we will be shut out of our season ticket plan we’ve enjoyed at Shea Stadium for 24 years and priced out of Citi Field altogether. That is, unless I sell the new house, move back into the old one and invest the difference on season tickets. I don’t think the wife will go for it.

So 2008 is here…and the last New Year’s Day for old Shea Stadium.

We’ve come to praise Shea-sar, not to bury it. Apologies to Shakespeare…or is it Sheakespeare?


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Stormy said

Happy New Year & congrats on the move!

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