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by Kingman on January 2 at 2:22PM

As the last baseball season at Shea Stadium approaches, we’re starting to hear some grumblings from Met fans about Citi Field.

It is suddenly dawning on folks that there are going to be alot less seats in Citi Field at a much higher price point. Suddnely Shea Stadium looks alot prettier, don’t it?

The Mets have not helped their own PR cause. They have done nothing to improve the team so far this off-season. And after how the 2007 season ended, you’d think some improvements might be in order. Remember September? It looked a little like this:


The Kranepool Society had a few thoughts on the subject yesterday. You have to get beyond the cheesecake photo to get to the heart of the matter:

When I think about it  I get very worried that the organization is ready to kick long fans to the curb once Shea closes it’s doors…

There seems to be a very strong feeling that $iti Field may fall under the “be careful what you wish for” category. As much as many of us have fond memories of Shea Stadium we all agree that the Mets needed a new home but with about 17,000 less seats and the need for corporate greed to be fed will the real Mets fan be able to gain access to the new place? We already see the signs of the Skill Sets not really caring about us as they raised ticket prices before our tears of the Great Choke of’07 dried. What happens to fans like me who buy the seven pack every year will I still get my letter in the mail requesting my presence at $iti Field for a minimum of seven games or does my seat go to some fat cat who wouldn’t know Bruce Bosclair from a chocolate eclair?

Well said.

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Bobster said

Anyone with illusions that baseball teams are loyal to their fans should go to Wikipedia and look up, "O'Malley, Walter."

Perhaps before the free-agent era, teams could afford a bit of sentimentality, but not today. With even mediocre players commanding multi-million dollar salaries, teams are relentless in maximizing every dollar they can get.

If the Mets thought they could sell all 40,000 seats at Citi Field to corporate fat cats paying premium prices, they would.
The regular fan....well, there's always cable TV.

As Michael Corleone told his brother, "It's business, Sonny. It's not personal."

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