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by Kingman on January 16 at 8:55AM

Good post today about Citi Field over on Dugout Central. AbuDhabiField-frontTom ponders why Mets brass has goen to great pains to honor the Brooklyn Dodgers in the new stadium, at the expense of overlooking the rest of New York’s baseball history.…including the storied past of the New York Mets.

The rotunda, which is to be named after Jackie Robinson, along with the field design and structure, places too much emphasis on the Brooklyn roots and old Dodgers leanings of the Mets’ owner. Don’t the Mets deserve to preserve their own identity, and keep the team’s history alive?  Why blur it with a franchise that left town long ago, leaving thousands with broken hearts?   

As of this date, no announcements, mentions or even whispers have been made public toward building a “bridge” between the Mets roots of the early 60’s and the current occupiers of Queens. While the Jackie Robinson Rotunda is a wonderful way of honoring Jackie and all he meant (not only to baseball, but society as well), can Mets fans also look forward to The Carl Furillo Right Field Foul Pole?  The Don Newcombe pitching rubber?  The Carl Erskine Bullpen?  Just how out of control will all this Dodger worship become?

For whatever reason, the current ownership seems to avoid any acknowledgement of the Mets’ past. Instead is seems as if they feel Mets history began when they purchased the club from the Payson family in the early 80’s. Yes, at Shea Stadium the banners from the team’s Championships and other post season appearances are on the right field wall, and retired numbers adorn the left field wall.  I just hope as a lifelong Mets fan a greater effort will be made to honor the team’s past, as they move into their new home.

Thus far, and no reports have surfaced to suggest otherwise, the new field seems to represent the Dodgers of yore, with little Mets or New York baseball history at all being represented. 

Excellent points. Tom goes on to suggest that the Mets consider adding statues or sculptures of figures from Met history to the JR Rotunda. Considering that the Mets won’t even move the magic hat to the new field, I wouldn’t expect much from ownership.

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Bobster said

If they're going to honor New York baseball, how about Giants? Remember, the team colors were borrowed from both the Giants and Dodgers, and the "NY" symbol on the Mets cap is almost identical to the Giants' logo. Shea's field was christened with water from both the Harlem River and Gowanus Canal (hard to believe the grass didn't die!) So how about something named in honor of Willie Mays, Bobby Thomson, Mel Ott and Carl Hubbell?

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metsgrrl said

To be fair, we do not know yet what they aren't going to do. We only know what they are going to do, because, if you remember, there was a BIG brouhaha in the press, trying to get the Mets to name the stadium for Jackie Robinson. So they had to do some tap dancing there very very quickly. No one is going ot accuse them of being racist for not having their plans for honoring Tom Seaver yet.

My father is one of Those Dodger Fans, the ones who stopped following baseball when the Dodgers left Brooklyn. He does not understand, at all, why they are trying so hard to link Citi Field with Ebbets Field.

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