— Days Without Shea —

The Bobster sent in this Shea tribute:

This gorgeous photo of Shea Stadium appeared in the Sunday New York Daily News on April 12, 1964, days before the first game was played. 


Notice there are no orange and blue squares decorating the outside of the park.  When were they added?

Good question. They were there for the Beatles shows in 1965. Shea Stadium was still not complete when it opened for business so I presume those corrugated aluminum squares were sitting in crates in Shea’s basement and went up during 1964.

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zxasqw12 said

Remember that print publications typically have extended lead times prior to publication. If this photo appeared in the April 12th edition, the pic was probably shot in March or perhaps as early as February

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Peter Bolognino said

I am looking for a ticket from 1964 opening day at shea . It was April 17, 1964

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