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by Kingman on January 28 at 2:19PM

Shea_oldI came across this kinda goofy post on eHow.com about the best methods to get autographs at Shea Stadium. 

The author provided 3 “easy” steps:


Step One

Get to Shea Stadium, buy a ticket and enter the stadium. You can go to your seat, and get yourself settled, but make sure you are in the stadium way before the game starts..at least an hour before.

Step Two

About a half hour before game time, players will begin to come out from the clubhouse. Make your way down to the front row behind the Met's dugout. That will be the dugout located to the right of home plate.

Step Three

Try to be friendly to the players. Crack a joke or two. Try to get noticed. Wave to the players and tell them how much you love them. Do not be shy. As soon as they catch your eye you can give them the pen and something to sign. Hopefully they will be in a good mood. You should be able to get an autograph with no problem.

I agree with Step one – getting to Shea is half the battle if you want Met players to give you an autograph.

It seems most of this otherwise rock-solid plan relies on being friendly to the players 1/2 hour before game time. That’s where this plan breaks down.

Then again, I haven’t had much luck securing autographs the past few years. I used to take my kids to day games and get there when the gates opened. You could usually get someone’s autograph…unless the Mets cancelled practice. In the past two seasons, the Mets seemd more inclined to not practice before a day game after a night game.

Security has also cracked down on pre-game autographs. If you don’t have field level tickets, security sometimes won’t even let folks in.

If anyone has any better tips, feel free to share. In a year Step One: getting into Citi Field may be an insurmountable obstacle so best try to wear out your Sharpie in 2008. 


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