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by Kingman on January 27 at 3:13PM

Peter-Frampton-PostersWhen I started Loge13, my only concern was I might be a little short on Shea material in the depths of winter.

There is certainly not much Met roster news to write about, although we’re all relieved to have Jose Valentin back.

But fortunately for us, there’s Peter Frampton.

When Grand Funk Railroad played Shea Stadium in 1971, their opening act was Humble Pie. As we wrote last summer, GFR broke the Beatles’ Shea attendance record with this show.

In a recent interview, Frampton reminisced about the gig and Humble Pie:

By 1969, he had formed Humble Pie with ex-Small Faces singer/guitarist Steve Marriott. Peter was 19 years old. The original band stayed together for five albums.
PF - “The great thing for me about Humble Pie was that it was energy unlimited. We were all at that age where we were just going for it. lt was the perfect band for me to develop and define the Frampton style guitar. When everybody was listening to Blues Breakers and Cream for Eric Clapton, so was I. But at the same time I was listening to Kenny Burrell, George Benson, Wes Montgomery and Django Reinhardt. When it came to working my style out with Humble Pie, it was sort of a jazzy lyrical style that developed over a very rockin’, blues based band. Just listen to ‘Stone Cold Fever’ from Humble Pie’s ‘Performance - Rockin’ The Fillmore’ album. We were on fire. We played with so many different people…..and I guess that playing Shea Stadium in the the summer of ‘70, with Grand Funk, was one of the biggest thrills because we were actually the first band to play Shea Stadium since the Beatles. So it was pretty historic for us. ”

I still think that as part of a Shea tribute night, they should invite back Humble Pie, Sound Incorporated, Joan Jett and The survivors of The Clash for an ALL-START OPENING  BAND SHEA EXTRAVAGANZA.

Read more about Shea Stadium’s legendary rock and roll history.


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Kevin Bierman said

I grew up in a small Texas near Houston. For 4 summers, my dear Mother sent me & older brother to the Queens to stay with our cool Aunt Fran and crazy NY husband. My first concert was Grand Funk/Humble Pie in the summer of 71. I was a 13 years old my brother obtained 2 tickets not together. I was scared by myself but everybody was cool. I have told this story many times. I still listen to both bands frequently/

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