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by Kingman on December 5 at 9:29PM

WilletspointThe Willets Point Industry and Realty Association has launched a Web site. It’s not fancy but its up.

The group was formed in October, as we mentioned here.

Their mission:

Owner Development of the Willets Point area.  In addition to opposing Eminent Domain now being threatened by the City of New York, WPIRA is demanding the services it has been denied for over 50 years; Sanitary and Storm Sewers Paved Streets and basic municipal services that every tax paying business has a right to expect from the City…

WPIRA consists of businesses that are owned and operated in Willets Point.  Most of our members have been in Willets Point for over 30 years and are now 2nd and 3rd generation owners.  Through most of their existence in Willets Point, the ownership has asked the City to have sanitary sewers installed so that the land could be more fully developed. 

The group is asking for more details from the city’s Eminent Domain Committee regarding the current, very sketchy plans. For example:

The plan calls for 14 story buildings at the north end of the site, directly beneath the main approach for LaGuardia airport.  Is this really where people want to live? 

Has Con Edison been consulted to determine the impact such a large scale project will have on electrical demands?  Con Edison has a backlog of substations that must be built to even maintain current demands. 

And will the already taxed 7–train and LIRR lines that run by Willets Point be adequate to handle demand?

The site concludes:

We as property owners have waited for over 30 years for the City to help us and provide the basic services any business should expect.  Now that the real estate market is hot and the Mayor wants to leave a legacy for himself and a plum for his developer friends, it has become an emergency.  We ask that the City Council put the brakes on this train before it runs away from us all.  There is no need to push this development until all of the questions are answered and the City Council should demand these answers.


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