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by Kingman on December 8 at 8:09AM

A few weeks ago, Bobster sent along some images of Shea Stadium circa 1963, still under construction.

The Bobster has unearthed some early photos of Shea getting some finishing touches before opening in 1964. Check these out:


And here’s one of the future home of Gate D:


Couldn’t the Mets bring back the blue and orange specks for one game in 2008? Here are a few from the outfield:



If you look closely, you can see Robert Moses sleeping in the front seat of that Oldsmobile:


Thanks Bobster!

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Anonymous said

Older Mets fans may remember that the tickets were color-coded to match the seat color: field level tickets were yellow, etc. These seats in the pictures were wood; not sure when the Mets replaced them with plastic seats.

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kingman said

Here's a link to an old post, with a picture of a 1969 World Series ticket:


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Mark said

I have a couple of pictures - or maybe my mother has them - from 1962 or 1963 when Shea was being built. They are personal since my grandfather was an operating engineer in the construction industry back then and worked on the building of Shea Stadium. I remember going with my mother or my grandmother to Flushing to pick him up after work a few times. In a time when I was very young and didn't understand what the new stadium or even baseball itself was all about, I remember those trips down Roosevelt Blvd. My grandparents lived in Hollis.

In one of the pics (black & white) you can see a crane raising some of the light towers. I remember that clearly. I'll see if I can dig them up.

When they tear down Shea Stadium the Unisphere will be about the only remaining piece of the construction that went up for the 1964-1965 World's Fair. That and the decrepit NY State pavilion. There's a cool picture and story here from a guy who basically broke in and went up into one of the towers using mountain climbing gear. I remember going into that during the World's Fair. The elevators are long since broken. In the movie Men In Black I think it was Bernard Gilkey that got conked on the head by a fly ball while he was distracted by the sight of a flying saucer over Shea. That flying saucer was, supposedly, one of the revolving decks from the old NY State pavilion.

I don't want a seat. Give me a brick and I'll be happy. Make that 2 and I'll bury one next to my grandfather's headstone in the cemetary.

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kingman said

Indeed it was Gilkey. I'd love to see those photos!

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