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by Kingman on November 30 at 3:45PM

LastingsMilledge we hardly knew ye.

Friday, the Mets traded Lastings Milledge to the Washington Nationals for OF Ryan Church and C Brian Schneider.

Schneider will be the starting catcher. Thus probably ends the Johnny Estrada era, who is only responsible for one putout during his short Met career. But it was a big one: Mota.

As Loge13 loyalist Don Hahn Solo said to me earlier, Ryan Church is basically a replacement for a younger Shawn Green. And while the Mets don’t gain a big bat at the catcher spot, they now have someone behind the plate who can actually play defense. We haven’t seen that on a regular basis for awhile.

Still, there are those, like DepressedFan.com’s Brian, who think the Mets gave up too much for no starting pitching help. Maybe. But I think our problems go past starting pitching anyway and beyond Billy Beane, few folks were coveting Lastings.

Still, I will miss Lastings. I am fairly confident he will become a solid major leaguer somewhere. I am more confident he will never be a great hip-hop artist anywhere.

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ELM said

And there are some of us who think the Mets just got taken to the cleaners. Despite his bad rap (heh), Milledge is not yet 23. He can clean up his act, his game, cut his hair, whatever. His upside is too great to trade for a Brad Ausmus wannabe and 4th outfielder.

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Ron Hunt said

Good-bye to Lastings, who will never be more than a fourth outfielder, if that, the new Alex Escobar. Too bad we traded him at a low point, but Schneider can catch and we needed spare outfielders last year with all the injuries. Now we need a top line pitcher and it obvious we're not getting Santana, so go to work Omar.

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