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by Kingman on November 21 at 2:12PM

MotaGuillermo, we hardly knew ye.

The Mets pulled off a very tidy trade Tuesday, sending Mota to the Brewers for catcher Johnny Estrada.

Mota was a chapter in the Minaya memoir that our GM would like to forget. Guillermo was lights out when we got him mid-season 2006. But that’s because he was lit up on steroids, or horse tranquilizers or something.

Mota did own up to the discretion…after he was caught. And so we rewarded him with a two-year, $5M contract.

A drug-free Mota was not a pretty sight in 2007. Now he’s someone else’s problem.

Johnny Estrada is a nice upgrade offensively, although his bulk suggests he is not unfamiliar with the same substances that grounded Guillermo.

There’s also some question about Johnny’s clubhouse demeanor. Met fans will remember Estrada’s in-dugout altercation with his manager during a Brewers/Mets game in August.

Our new catcher had some parting shots for brewers management last night. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"I heard they wished I worked better with the pitching staff," said Estrada, who will be playing for his fourth team in four years. "That (ticks) me off. I think sometimes, as a general manager or an owner, or even a manager, you don't have the pulse of the team. (General manager Doug Melvin) is not in the clubhouse.

"The pitchers that carried us down the stretch, I got along great with. We had a great bunch of young players that I got along fine with. I'm going to miss playing with those guys.

"I didn't see this coming until I heard last week they were shopping me around. I don't want to point fingers. I'm not going down that road yet. The way I look at it, it's a great opportunity to go to New York, a great team that's all about winning."

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