— Days Without Shea —

Johan_santana12To get through the long winter months, we’re trying something new: Loge13 Speaks.

Current and former Loge13 season ticket holders (and assorted friends) gather around the virtual hot stove and ponder Met moves.

Today’s topic: Johan Santana. What Mets are you willing to give up for Johan
Santana? Would you part with Reyes? Beltran? Is Santana worth the asking

Ron Hunt: I'd trade anyone but Wright and Reyes. In a blink. I'd love them to take Beltran and I'd pick up his full salary.


Ross Jones:  He seems like the real thing, but I hate giving up All Star position
players for any arm. It's a very different world pitching in New York
instead of Minnesota. Just ask Frank Viola.


 Good point.  Does anyone have Viola's stats before and after he came to the Mets?  It may be interesting to compare his numbers to Santana.
I read the Yanks are putting a trade around Melky and Phil Hughes.  I'm guessing Milledge and Humber's not cutting it :)  Can Minnesota afford Beltran.


I'm not sure the Skanks can pull it off, unless they include 1 of their pitchers, melky and 1 other. It will cost them big. BUT, Santana would like the Skanks bcs they will give him whatever he wants in a long term contract. The Mets do not have the trade talent to land him. Wright, Reyes and Beltran are off limits. IF, and that's a big IF, they would take Delgado with one of the younger pitching talents; then maybe. But the Twins are milking this.


Kingman: I don’t think Santana has any interest going to the National League. He’s going to use the Mets to leverage up the Angels and Yankees and make silly money. Overpaying lefties = bad idea.

Speaking of which, Mike Hampton hurt himself in his first inning of work in the Mexican League today. He is out a month.

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