— Days Without Shea —

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by Kingman on November 20 at 9:52AM

Glavine_TheBraveRon Hunt e-mailed me this photo this morning with the headline “Our best off-season addition.”

This was the right move for Glavine. He was good for the Mets his first couple of years at Shea Stadium, but he probably did more for us than we did for him. Glavine has always been and will always be a Brave. He should have played for Atlanta last year, for nothing if necessary.

What we’ll never know is how much influence he had in the club

house and with the Wilpons. Was he one of the veterans annoyed by the brash young Kazmir, which helped punch his ticket to Tampa? Has he been an inspiration to the many young arms coming of age now (Maine, Perez, Pelfrey et al)? Did Glavine convince the Broadway stagehands to walk off the job right before at Christmas, crippling an already wobbly theater industry?


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