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by Kingman on October 21 at 2:30PM

No that's not the title of Dylan's new album...

Loge13 is determined to present all the dirt and other matter regarding Shea Stadium. Here's a post from TheCleverest.com, a blog by NY photographer and musician Mike Solomon.

Recently at a work-related shoot at Shea Stadium, I noticed something that seemed a little out of place in the outfield...

That's right. There was a turd in the outfield. Let me repeat myself. A TURD. Sitting on the grass at a professional baseball stadium.

I guess it was an omen for how their season would play out.

Here is some of the photographic evidence:




More photos here.

How did this happen? One commenter speculated:

I believe that was a typo on the part of Mets GM Omar Minaya. "In order to get to the World Series next year," it read, "we need to see some fresh feces around here."

What a difference a letter makes.



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