— Days Without Shea —

With the World Series upon us, lets dwell for a minute on Met October highlights from years past.

Here is one of the greatest, courtesy of Bobster: The Tommie Agee catch in Game 3 of the 1969 World Series. And doesn’t our beloved Shea Stadium look splendid?

Recalls Bobster:

Who was the greatest center fielder in Mets history?

My vote goes to Tommie Agee, even though he only played a few years for them in the late '60s and early '70s.

This clip from Game 3 of the 1969 World Series shows why......it came at a crucial moment, with the Mets leading 4-0 but the bases loaded for the Baltimore Orioles in the 7th inning.  If this wasn't caught by Agee, the score probably would have been 4-3 and the whole momentum of the game and the series could have shifted to the Orioles.  What made this catch so phenomenal wasn't just the distance Agee covered to make it, but the fact that this was Agee's SECOND circus catch of the game!  The Mets went on to win this game 5-0, and two days later they were World Series champs.

A promising young fireballer named Nolan Ryan is pitching in relief for the Mets.

We documented our trip up to the Tommie Agee monument this summer. Lets hope the Mets doe something smart with that marker.

And this is a catch the Mets should show on DiamondVision more often. Ron Hunt and I were grousing this summer about the Endy Chavez catch. That play from game 7 of the 2006 NLCS was shown repeatedly all season long and always elicited cheers.

Was it a great catch? No. It was a great play, when considered in a vacuum. It would have been a great CATCH if the Mets had then gone up to the plate, scored a dozen runs and won the freakin’ game. Instead we lost the NLCS to the Cardinals. So give it a rest.

Few people would talk about the Agee catch (which is at least an equal athletic achievement as Chavez’s grab) if the Mets had lost in 1969.

Hmm, seems I have some lingering bitterness from the 2007 season. This will pass. Go Matsui.

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Bobster said

To see just how much ground Agee covered, look carefully at where he was standing when the pitch was thrown - he's to the left of the 410 sign. Then look where he caught it - well to the right of the 396 sign in right-center. That's a whole lot of territory!

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Ross Jones said

My favorite part of the clip is hearing Jane Jarvis starting to play the Mexican Hat Dance as the half inning ends. I had forgotten that they used to play that during the seventh inning stretch.

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