— Days Without Shea —

Loge13 is starting to come around again. Seriously, it has taken me this long to gather myself since the Mets' September unraveling.

Meanwhile, my mailbox has overflowed with Shea tributes. Apologies to all who I've kept waiting. I will slowly dig my way out. The good news is we have a long winter ahead of us so there's plenty of time to post everything y'all have sent in.

First off, here's some cool video shot (I believe in 1998) by the great Bob Bobster:


Bob wrote:

And as the sun sets over Shea Stadium, I bid a fond farewell to the ballpark of my youth.

I always thought Shea was most beautiful at night, and this video backs me up.

I made a point of filming from that subway platform that leaves fans off almost at the gates of the stadium.  I watched a fair amount of baseball from that platform over the years.  Has it been demolished yet?

Last time we were at Shea, the platform was standing. However, the plan was for it to come down in order to complete construction so it may gone this winter. I took some extra photos of the platform in September and will post.

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BobR said

Yep, it was taken in 1998 at a Mets-Expos game. Now the Expos no longer exist and soon the same will be true about Shea. So it goes.

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Radie said

Arguably my favorite NON-Mets story about leaving Shea was when the New York Rangers where in the playoffs this year. The Rangers had just beaten Buffalo to knot the series at 2 and a bunch of friends went to a Mets game. The Mets by a large margin and the crowd was a little "weak". I dont know why but as loudly as I could I said... "duh,duh,duh,duh, duhduh... duh,duh,duh, duhduh, duh duh duh". I expected just my friends would respond but from both ramps above and below me I could hear what I was asking for from many of my Mets family... "POTVIN SUCKS!"

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