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by Kingman on September 4 at 4:13PM

Pedro_patchRandom Met thoughts, post Labor Day:

  • Can a player win the MVP Award for making only one appearance in a season? Five days ago, The Mets were in a five-game losing streak, bleeding ground to the Phils and Braves and generally looking listless & distracted. Just a visit from Pedro Martinez broke the tailspin. Today the Mets are five games up on the Phils and seem like a team again.
  • If Alou could get on the Pedro workout routine, he might squeeze out an MVP season in 2008.
  • There’s something way wrong with Reyes. He got picked off at second Sunday and has now been picked off 3 times in 4 days. When Beltran booted that single in the 4th Monday, he recovered and alertly threw to second. But Jose was standing in short center field  watching the play. Randolph again chastised him to reporters over the weekend.
  • Nice job by SNY Monday. Instead of cutting to a commercial in the 1st inning, they kept the camera on Pedro as he walked onto the field and did his warmups. In the 4th inning, they also bypassed commercials and went to Ron Darling in NY for his thoughts on Pedro. Throughoutt the game, they monitored his release points and pitch selection and it never seemed too geeky or overdone.
  • If the Mets can keep a 5–game or more lead by the weekend, they should sit Wagner and let him get right. He may have 30 saves but he’s running on fumes now. Every outing is an ulcer.
  • Thanks to vacations and the ticket plan, I haven’t been to Shea Stadium in a while. In fact, my kids were there more recently than I was, sitting through the ugly Padres losses (and partying with Ron Hunt into the 10th inning). Next week, we’re back in Loge13 for the Braves.

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