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by Kingman on September 29 at 7:53PM

Fight_092907The Mets one-day trip to second place is over.

We won today. The Phillies lost. The Mets are tied for first with one game remaining.

Forget the past month.

Forget the losing streaks.

Forget the two seven-game leads.

Forget being swept twice by the Phillies.

None of that matters. At all.

What matters is the Mets have momentum. The Phillies played and managed Saturday like this was the game of the season. Now it comes down to this: whichever one of these teams loses next, goes home. Meanwhile the Padres just lost so the wild card is still in the mix as well.

The Mets showed some heart today. John Maine pitched 7 2/3 innings of no-hit ball. He struck out 14. He did his job.

This team also showed some fight today. Benches cleared. Miguel Olivo swang and missed at Reyes (Doesn’t Olivo know Reyes has been hitless lately?) The Mets even came to the park early and took extra batting practice. It paid off with a 13–0 shutout and 19 hits. Including 2 Milledge home runs and a Castro homer. Lets keep those guys in the lineup tomorrow, Willie.

So it’s Glavine/Willis tomorrow, 1:10. This may be Glavine’s final game ever. You better believe he will pitch that way. Could this be Dontrelle’s last game as a Marlin? Or before he wears a Met uniform? Who cares. Forget Willis’ record against us. Forget everything. Just beat the Marlins Sunday!




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Eli said

Wild game. I must have watched the fights about ten times on MLB.com. The play-by-play was very funny.

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kingman said

I liked Keith Hernandez's comments during the first fracas. Reyes was off joking with someone (Cabrera?). Keith said,"Geez why don't you buy him dinner after the game?" Hernandez clearly doesn't dig Reyes much and talks off him with the disdain only a veteran can muster.

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Brian said


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