— Days Without Shea —


On September 28, 2008 – 365 days from today – The Mets are scheduled to play their last regular season game ever at Shea Stadium.

Unless there is a 2008 post season for the Mets (lets not go there), that means the last baseball game ever at Shea is now just one year away.

There will be no stay of execution. No miracle cure. Our beloved concrete monument to Met history will be shuttered forever (well, after a Billy Joel concert. Go figure.)

It might seem as if Shea is imploding right now. But Bill Shea, Robert Moses and the gang built this place to last. If Shea could survive a Grand Funk Railroad concert, it can survive anything.

Newsday had a good article today about The Polo Grounds (Baseball Giants all but gone in NYC memory). Essentially the article laments the fact that, unlike the Brooklyn Dodgers who are memorialized in statues, movies and pale ales, there is hardly a mention of the New York Giants anywhere. The Polo Grounds are just a bunch of apartment buildings now.

In 20 years, when you’re parking over the Shea Stadium home plate marker in the Citi Field parking lot, will you even care that you’re on hallowed ground? The place where The Beatles, The Stones and The Who played? Where Seaver came of age? Where Andre the Giant almost murdered Chuck Wepner?

Answer: you won’t. Because at the 43,00 seat Citi Field, you probably won’t get in. Unless you buy a season ticket or luxury box and can afford the $25 parking fee to plop your wheels over Shea’s home plate.

So let the countdown begin. 365 days to perhaps the last Met game ever at Shea Stadium. Long live Shea.

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