— Days Without Shea —

A few weeks back, we took you on a first-hand tour of how it feels to walk into Loge13, in glorious Shea Stadium.

Loge13 reader Bob Bobster sent in some awesome video he took back in 1998. As he tells it:

 On July 11, 1998, I made my last trip to Shea Stadium.  I had moved to California during the '80s and guessed this would be my very last time at Big Shea, presuming that a new ballpark would be built before too many years went by.  I took my camcorder to capture some of the sights and sounds of a place where I'd been coming since I was 9 years old.

This video is probably most interesting because it shows Shea before there was a trace of any Citi Field construction.  Also, you can briefly spot the famous old Redbird subway train rolling noisily past the stadium.  These were originally bought for the 7 train to handle the crowds expected for the 1964-65 World's Fair and opening of Shea.  They were discontinued in 2003.



Tremendous work, Bob. Thanks for sharing!

The division flags atop Shea Stadium have also been discontinued since 2001. We'd love to see them come back one more time before it's too late.

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Mike D. said

This is Shea before the last time it was refurbished after the 2001 season -- the way it looked from 1987 through the Bobby Valentine years.

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