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by Kingman on August 30 at 8:28AM

Marlon_082907While I was a way for two weeks, the Mets won 9 of 12 games and built up a cushy 7–game lead over the fading Phils and Braves.

Since I have been back to the grind, the Mets have lost four in a row and, after last night’s 3–2 debacle, are now only three games up on the Phillies.

Naturally, I blame myself for the current state of affairs.

You can’t blame the starting pitching, which aside from Brian Lawrence (who is back in the minors anyway), has done its job. Glavine pitched a gem Tuesday and Perez was effective, if not overwhelming, Wednesday.

You can blame Reyes as the poster boy for the offense that shut down in one of the most hitter-friendly parks. He was kept off the base paths Monday and Tuesday, then hardly stayed on them last night. When was the last time Reyes was picked off TWICE in one game?

You can blame Mota, who apparently can only pitch one good inning (sometimes) in a row since he came off the juice  his suspension. Mota choked in the 10th Tuesday night. Yet Randolph is still commited to using Mota until he rights himself. That’ll probably happen sometime in November.

I don’t blame Marlon Anderson for how the game ended Wednesday. Yes he was alittle aggressive trying to take out Iguchi and break up the double play. He not only went out of the base path and grabbed at the second baseman with both hands, replays showed that after the throw, he also tickled Iguchi and made him chew Bubble Yum while drinking a Diet Coke. But at least Anderson was trying.

I’m a bit discombobulated this morning. I actually had a dream the Mets won the game last night and walked out on the field afterwards wearing Phillies helmets with little spikes on the top, like the old Prussian Army wore. I think I need another vacation.

Or the Mets could win today. We have El Duque going, who has been our hottest pitcher all year. Kyle Lohse is 0–2 lifetime against us. Lets take this and head to Atlanta with some breathing room.

Things don’t get easy down there pitching-wise. We have shaky John Maine Friday night and apparently the 0–7 Mike Pelfrey going Saturday. The Braves have re-worked the rotation so that we’ll face Tim Hudson, Chuck James and John Smoltz.

Another Met pitcher will also be called up to Atlanta. Pedro is throwing a bullpen session there for Randolph and co before Friday night’s game. Who would you rather see Saturday: a healthy Pelfrey or a rehabbing Pedro?

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