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by Kingman on August 8 at 4:12PM

AppleLast week, we alerted you to the SaveTheApple.com movement.

Two motivated Met/Shea fans have started a petition to encourage the Mets to move Shea Stadium’s Home Run Apple into Citi Field. The site has collected over 3,000 signatures on their manifesto (Kingman is #479 on the list of signees).  They also gave Loge13.com a nice toast on their “press” page. Thanks guys.

The boys did receive word from the Mets. Unfortunately it wasn’t a good word:

Sources close to the Mets tell us that the Apple will not be moving over to Citi Field. The organization claims that the Apple is so fragile that it won't survive the move. The team has not decided what to do with the Apple, but will likely put it (or at least part of it) on display, somewhere.

The Mets do plan on building some sort of new "Apple" at the new stadium. As we have made clear, this is not acceptable. We do not want the Mets to build any sort of shiny new apple. We don't want any upgrades. We just want the Mets to bring the current apple, dents and all, to the new ballpark. If they can move the apple to put it on display somewhere, they can put it on display beyond the center field fence at Citi Field. It's that simple.

But The Force is strong in these guys. As they claim, “The Mets did say that while they have made their decision for now, it's not impossible that the issue could be revisited.” That’s also what they told us abotu our season tickets moving to Citi Field.

Meanwhile, SaveTheApple.com continues to get write-ups in places like the Associated Press (who is their press agent anyway?). And yesterday, they wrote an eloquent retort to naysayers (here’s just a small excerpt):

We've received some e-mails, and some press inquiries, asking us why a new apple isn't sufficient? Why do we want this Apple, with no changes? Part of the reason we don't want a new Apple is that it would be too Yankee-like to do that - to replace the old with something shiny and new just because they can.

Another part of the reason is the history of the current apple - who it has risen for already. If the Apple comes to the new Stadium and is used as it currently is, besides the "Mets" name and uniforms, it will be the only link that Mets players past and present have. How many things are there that Daryl Strawberry and HoJo and Mike Piazza and Cliff Floyd and Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado and even Carlos Gomez and Lastings Milledge and even John Maine have in common? They are/were all ball players on the New York Mets, and they've all made the Apple rise from its top hat. The same Apple for each of them. The same Apple that rose all year long in 1986. The same Apple that rose on September 21st, 2001 when Mike Piazza hit that huge home run in the 3-2 come-from-behind victory against the Braves in the first professional sporting event played in New York City since September 11th. The Apple rose then and it stirred the hearts of New Yorkers. It showed that we, too, would rise again, just as the Mets rose again (1969) and again (1986) and will continue to rise.

The apple is symbolic of the Mets as an organization. They are fun, a little beat up and not as shiny as their AL neighbors, but they keep on rising, and when they do, the fans cheer loudest.

Well said.

Tonight Andrew from SaveTheApple.com will be at Shea, in  Upper Reserve, Section 7, near Row R, seats 10-16.

Kingman will also be at Shea tonight (in Loge13 of course). I may make the journey up North to meet these guys.

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