— Days Without Shea —

JanisJoplinYesterday was the 37th anniversary of the Shea Stadium Festival for Peace concert.

The concert was held on August 6, 1970, 25 years after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan.

To recognize the anniversary, organizers staged a 12–hour anti-war concert at Shea Stadium. Oddly, very little exists online or in literature about this show. There was no concert film and I have never seen any concert footage from the Shea Peace Festival.

Some of the hottest acts of 1970 appeared at the gig, including:

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Janis Joplin (surprise guest)
  • Jimi Jendrix (possibly)
  • Johnny Winter
  • Paul Simon
  • The James Gang

and many more.

The show began at 10:00 AM and ended by 11:00 PM that night. YouTube was not there to archive the proceedings (what did people do with all their cell phone video back in 1970?) but I did find this eyewitness account from a discussion board:

i was 17 and stood on line from the night before with my then boyfriend (now husband)
as there wasn’t assigned seating and we wanted good seats… we sat just over the mets’ dugout, they were some of the best seats on the house ….. the show was magical …. the variety
of acts and music ….. bands just showing up and playing (like janis)….. all for the price of about $16.00 for 12 hours of music … peter yarrow opened the show and ccr closed the show …..i remember most of the performers (not in any particular order).. peter yarrow, pacific gas & electric, tom paxton,dionne warwick, johnny winter, the original cast of hair, ccr (i also remember the music stopping because the tiers were rocking up & down), paul simon, james gang, poco, 10 wheel drive, al kooper, richie havens, sha-na-na, miles davis, the young rascals, stepphenwolf,janis joplin (she was NOT a scheduled performer — she was a surprise guest — i remember her performance like i saw her yesterday ……she did “ball & chain”, “summertime”, “turtle blues” and “piece of my heart”, all while consuming a bottle of southern comfort) AND I DO NOT REMEMBER SEEING OR HEARING JIMI HENDRIX or otherwise (i would really like to know where it comes from that he was there)it is only recently that i have even heard any references to this show ….. for a long time only archivists and members of the audience had a vague memory of it….

Here is Poco’s set list from that night. By their own accounts, Poco rocked:

  • Pickin' Up the Pieces
  • Just in Case it Happens 
  • Grand Junction  
  • Consequently So Long
  •  Don't Let it Pass By 
  • Nobody's Fool 
  • El Tonto de Nadie, Regresssa

As the eyewitness account above mentions, Jimi Hendrix may or may not have been there. Such was the state of collective consciousness in 1970 that no one can confirm the presence of rock’s greatest guitarist at a major concert event.

Janis Joplin did make a surprise appearance. She was in New York and had just filmed a Dick Cavett TV appearance with her band Full-Tilt Boogie.

Sadly, this was one of Joplin’s last appearances. Less than two months after rocking Shea, Janis Joplin was dead. So was Jimi Hendrix. You would think their sets would be memorialized in film or record, at least for the fact that it was among the last earthly gigs for these performers. But the show is largely forgotten. Leading Loge13 to believe that the music might not have been very good that day.

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Bob Bobster said

Wow, I had never even heard of this event, and I lived in Queens in 1970! There were so
many rock concerts in those days that I guess they all blend together, but with stars like that you'd think something would have been preserved. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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Kingman Author Profile Page replied to Bob Bobster

Apparently, even people who were at the concert didn't remember it. I did a little digging and can't yet confirm that Hendrix was at the Shea Concert For Peace. The source of the rumor may be the Mets Web site. They have a short history of Shea and mention that Hendrix and Joplin both made "little known" appearances at Shea. We'll keep looking.

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BeBopnJazz replied to Kingman

Indeed, many people were pretty buzzed so fuzzy memories would be common. I was quite young so still "un-buzzed". No Hendrix, but a young Tina Turner certainly made an impression in the binoculars on a 12 yr old boy!
The biggest confusion about Jimi stems from the fact that he played at the earlier Winter Festival for Peace at MSG but could not make the much larger Summer Fest.
Many of the biggest rock acts of the era were there and Joplin was not truly a surprise guest as she announced she'd perform on The Dick Cavett show a few nights before the show.

The choosing of the date was no coincidence: Peter Yarrow (of P,P&Mary) produced both shows and the proceeds were used to finance Anti-War political candidates.

The show did go on for 13 hrs and finished late at about 11:30pm: anyone who doesn't remember probably left early. And yes - during CCR's performance, the first tier was bouncing up and down so much they stopped playing and asked the people to sit down. I know this because I was in the first row btwn Home-3rd and a bit scared at the time!

No one has done much to preserve the memory of this truly historic show and piece of SHEA history!!! (thanks to KINGMAN tho)

Any one ANY more info PLEASE contact me at bebopnjazz(at)gmail(dot)com.


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Convey said

I was 14 when I attended the concert, I had never used drugs at that point and I can tell you Hendrix DID NOT perform, just a rumor. The music was great. This was the first concert I ever attended and it made such an impression I went out and saw every other concert I could after this one. Janis, Steppenwolf, CCR were huge stars at the time and all performed fantastic sets. Poco was great. Johnny Winter and James Gang rocked. Paul Simon performed solo. Let me tell you I have seenover 150 concerts since this first one and only 6 or 7 can measure up . IT WAS FANTASTIC

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Tom said

Awesome! Thanks for the eyewitness account. Somewhere there must be photos and audio of this show.

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Louis Grignon said

I was at the show. Hendrix did not perform. This was my first "city" concert and I loved every bit of it. I still have the Newsday ad for it and my ticket stub.
For those who were there, It was myself and my friend Matt who folded down the upper balcony seats to spell PEACE it 125' tall letters.

Peace to all

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BeBopnJazz replied to Louis Grignon

Sorry, I thought the email would post - it is

Kingman: if you have the email addresses for these posters, pls fwd mine to them so I might get more info for my article (especially Louis Grignon).

Thanks to all.

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Paul Mastranda said

I was at the show with the good fourtune to have an all access pass to be on the stage field and backstage. It was all that's been said and then some for me. I did not see Jimi onstage or backstage at all. I did however come out of the Mets dugout right where you were sitting and pose for a photo with Janis taken by a fan right behind it. If anybody knows of this photo please contact me, I am listed in Nyack N.Y. BTW I am the young man intervewed at Shea in "The Beatles Anthology" This can be seen on Youtube by pluging in Beatles Shea 1965 It is in the clip that is 9:57 long.

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peter said

I attended the shea stadium peace concert
and it was one of the most memorable days of my life. The music was terrific, Janis, Steppenwolf, Poco all very memorable. No Jimi H. I had seen him at Randalls Island in July. I recall leaving near dusk summertime (not 11PM). I had a deeply moving experience of peace and love not to be repeated. It was amazing. Would love to see us do it again.

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Marc Goldfischer said

I was 13, my friend Ronnie, 16, when we attended this show, which was my first. Jimi Hendrix definitely did not perform. Great, great show that was unbelievably under-publicized. Some of the proceeds were supposed to go to "candidates for peace" in the upcoming 1972 presidential election.

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Rich said

I was there also. Left NJ about midnight and slept in the car in the parking lot with my girlfriend. We were some of the first to gain entry and therefore had great seats. Stage(s) were sort of a revolving dumbell where, while one stage had a live act playing, the other was being broken down/set up for the next. True non-stop music. The music was fantastic and I too wonder about the lack of coverage for such a great event with so many top rock stars. I recall them stopping the music when the tiers began to sway due to everyone stomping their feet to the music. I believe the deal was to extend the concert (due to the number of bands and surprise guests) if we would literally stop rocking Shea. (I also thought it ended closer to midnight or beyond but it was almost 40 yrs ago, so...). Particularly vivid was when Big Brother was about to play and Janis ran out to the stage unannounced to sing with them. The place went nuts. Really wish this concert would get the coverage it deserves. Did no one really record any of this concert? And yes, no Jimi. Anyone recall any other unannounced guests?

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Eric in NJ said

I was there and I remeber these acts.

Johnny Winter and with Rick Derringer
Credence Clearwater
Pacific Gas & Electric
Janice Joplin
Peter Yarrow (of Peter paul & Mary)
John Sebastian
Sha Na Na
The Rascals
The James Gang
10 Wheel Drive
Al Kooper
Richie Havens
miles davis
(I believe) Three Dog Night

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Marc Goldfischer said

No Three Dog Night...but Paul Simon (in his first solo performance), Broadway cast of Hair, Bloodrock

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BeBopnJazz said

I am the initiating author of a Wikipedia article (see link) on The Festival for Peace concert and am looking for others who were there to help me assemble information to expand it (setlists, etc). Please contact me ASAP.
Many peoples memories are quite different about it so I must corroborate stories, ANY INFORMATION or clippings, fotos, ticket stubs, etc will be VERY helpful!
Thank you!!

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Doug replied to BeBopnJazz

BeBoppnJazz- I was there - we arrived around 11 - I remember early in the day: Havens, I'm petty sure Joan Baez made an appearance, 10 Wheel Drive did their hit "Are you Ready?" and had everyone up bopping in unison--- so hard the stadium actually "bounced" and for a moment I worried it would self destruct! ( I was standing on the brass rails between sections!)Fritz, Mike and Manny and me made it all the way to the end- I remember almost falling off the upper level, after going up there to ignite an organic substance: far left field, top row, furthest end seat (chosen just because!)and on my way down hit the rail kind of hard and almost flew 60 feet down to my seat! :) It truly was one of the best days of music ever- Creedence, The James Gang, Janis and Steppinwolf were in peak form and made the night. Janis had her hair dyed like the flag! it was a day to remember and am so amazed it is nearly forgotten. NO FILM, NO RECORDINGS? At the time we said it was our Woodstock, all neatly packed into 1 day, no mud, no cars! The subway delivered us to and from(at 14 the summer before, according to my parents, I wasn't "heading up the country"!)


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Peter P from LI NY said

I attended this show with several friends. I was 14 at the time. Hendrix was indeed suppose to play, but in fact did not. I also remember the grandstand tiers moving up and down as we were on the top decl about 3 or 4 rows back. It was very scary, but I do not remember them stopping the show for an announcement. I do remember the acts listed above, and some of them I had forgetten about. It was a great show, I tell people about it but no one I know really has heard about it. Its a shame no more information is available. I remember it was a big deal for my parents to let me go with friends to a show like that at 14yo. Who would trust their 14 yo like that TODAY?

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Rob said

I was 18, living in Queens, and I was there. Jimi was on the scheduled list of performers, but didn't show. I definitely remember James Gang, Pacific Gas & Electric, Staple Singers (terrific!) and Creedence rockin' the house to end it.

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Richard said

I was at the show.
Definitely no Hendrix.
The Upper Deck was bouncing so violently that THEY DID make an announcement, asking the people in the Upper Deck to stop. They did not stop the show. I was in the mezzanine and got scared when I saw the upper deck vibrating over me.
CCR was going to be the last act.
Peter Yarrow was the MC.
He came out after CCR finished (what a set they did) and announced we have a surprise guest. All the lights went off in the stadium, one spotlight beamed off the roof and Janis walked out of the third base dugout. It was like a bomb hit the place.

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Richard said

After reading all these stories perhaps I was not correct about the show stopping. (this is 38 yrs and we were drinking beer all day). But the upper deck was vibrating violently and they did ask the people sitting there to stop.

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BeBopnJazz said

Hey folks,
I have now spoken with at least 25 ppl who were there and can tell you they did announce that people needed to sit down in the Upper tiers during CCR. They did not "stop the show" in mid-act (poor phrasing: my bad) but DID ask between songs. The show was orig. scheduled for 12 hrs from 10A-10P and ran late, so anyone who thinks they left at dusk might have been seeing some "extra light" '-)
That being said, the NYC sun set at 20:05 on that day so, given the clear skies and raised elevation of Shea looking west, it is likely that it was still fairly light.

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Michele said

Wow, I am so glad to see all the info about this concert. I was there with my boyfriend and it was my 17th birthday (yes, the double nickel is fast approaching). After all these years, I could only remember a few of the groups that played so it was nice to go back in time and read about everyone that was there. Thanks!

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Charles J. Biancheri said

Hey man I thought I was Dreaming and thought I was the only one there cause no one remembered. A concert to remember came down from CT at 15 best concert ever. I can remember the movement of the mezzanine will never forget that day. Am glad to see other people wont forget either. Were all survivors.


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Gene Chiamulera said

I remember that concert. I was lucky enough to get on the stage with my friend & guitarist Paul Frehley. Some other acts that perfomed that day were The Young Rascals, Richie Havens, Dionne Warwick and I think the cast of HAIR. I remember my friend Paul helping John Kay from Steppenwolf change his guitar strings, later on Paul became better known as Ace Frehley lead guitarist of Kiss. I can't believe it was over 38 years ago.

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Lisa Boyle Mevorach said

Thanks for all the memories. I went with my friend, the two of us saw the Jimi Hendrix concert the month before at Randall's Island. We were thrilled when Janis came out on stage. I believe she drank so much that she had a hard time completing her last couple of songs--it was an abbreviated set. John Sebastian and Johnny Winter were great. It was a real great and all American group of artists.

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Richie J. said

I was at that show too. I got in for free as a marshall. It was incredible. The Rascals did not play but the next generation band with their guitarist eddie Brigati, I think named Bulldog played. when Ritchie Havens performed the tiers in the stadium were bouncing 3 feet up and down from the crowds getting into the music and stomping and jumping up and down. pretty scary, they had to tell the crow to calm down. Johnny Winter And came out when it started to get dark and tore the house down. Johnny and Derringer were incredible. When Janis joplin came out she was pissed at all the bright lights. She went off screaming that if " YOU DON'T TURN DOWN THOSE M***FUC#*N LIGHTS I"L HAVE THIS CROWD TEAR THIS HOUSE DOWN" The crowd went nuts...the lights came down and Janis sang her ass off.She was incredible. I really glad I got to see her perfornm since 2 months later she was gone and nobody has ever come along to replace her since. She was GREAT! OH and yes too bad . but definately no Hendrix...I wish but was still one of the best Musical Memories of my life . I could tell a million stories about that day and actually do whenever I get a chance 28 years later. Now I own a music store and wish music was like it was back then....Who knows? Maybe they will invent a new drug that actually makes you get into music again instaed of crack and hip hop Rap shit that just damages society.

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Jack M said

I have been searching for ages to find info about this concert and it was like a Christmas present reading all this. I was 20 years old and attended with an old girlfriend and fellow "stoner"
from my neighborhood.
I have remembered most of the groups, especially Joplin who, amidst her drinking, shouted for them to turn out the lights, finally one last, "turn out the F---ing lights" and they went out, it was so magical! Poco totally rocked as did James Gang with Funk 49. John Sebastian, whom I had seen before, was so wrecked he spent a lot of time tuning his autoharp. There were so many people performing you just went from group to group. I remember the bottles of wine and the joints going up and down the rows, take a swig, or take a toke, and pass it on. We were next to the isle where NY's finest were there to keep peace and order. They sometimes joined in and other times just kept the free drink and such moving to the next person. They did ask people to stop the jumping, I do remember the stadium vibrating, I was on the second level behind home plate and could really feel the movement. No need to repeat the above comments, very accurate details of a truly fantastic day with nearly 12 hours of music and very little down time. I hope more continue to read this. One last note, I always referred to this concert as the "August Festival for Peace", which is why I could not find anything written about it for years. Maybe that could be included as a possible link to finding it. I do want to point out that I have all my vinyl from the 60's on up, still alphabetical, and I'd love to recreate the concert because I'm sure with over 900 albums I have virtually all the music that was played that day. Thank you to Eric for listing groups, and anyone else who can lists sets.

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Danny said

I was there with my girlfriend Marie from Brooklyn and we loved the whole day. No Hendrix is correct, they did announce to stop the bouncing but did not stop the show to do that, Janis indeed did yell "well I can see you anyway, but I wish they would turn out these "F..ing" lights"! I have looked for articles or reviews about this show and was wondering was there any posters or video or movies archives of this event? I think there was something in "Newsday" or "The Village Voice" about a review, but I never remembered the date. Thanks to all who listed the artists and songs. I hope we can find more info and post to this site. peace and love...

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Elaine said

I came across on YouTube The Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1965. It was so exciting to see that because I was at that phenomenal concert. Then I thought about the Peace Concert at Shea which I also attended. I thought for sure a portion of it would be on YouTube.It's a shame because the Peace Concert was such a great concert. If I can recall, Steven Stills from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young was also there. If that was the concert, I remember him to be quite obnoxious. Other than that, I remember it to be the mini Woodstock. Those were the days.

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Don said

I was 15. Went with my 13 year old girlfriend. My sister asked me if I wanted tickets a few days before. We had great lower level (orange) seats on 1st base side. It was hot! The show and the sun. Went on all day with the great bands and acts.

[June 19, 2009 12:14 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Steve Nesich said

I was there with my younger brother and 3 other high school friends. We left New Jersey early that morning, with our sacks of food and drinks, getting on the bus to NYC, with all of the daily job commuters. After arrival at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, we got on the subway to Shea Stadium. What a great day it was! Close to 13 hours of music, fun and yes, a hot, beaming sun. (But we didn't care about that part.)

No Jimi. In fact, he wasn't even scheduled. Janis was a surprise guest. As was, I believe, Paul Simon. Amazing acts all around. And the tickets were cheap. I was amazed at how more than half the stadium was empty! (There probably wasn't much of a budget for marketing and promotion.)

The most memorable part of the day, however, is what this concert did to shape our thinking, as teenagers, about the insanity of the war in Vietnam and our responsibility to oppose it. Years later, we all talk about how that day raised our political consciousness in a matter of hours, helping us put together an understanding of this issue, through the vehicle of music.

I'll post more at another time about this great day: August 6, 1970.

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Ruby Harris said

I was there. Janis sang with Jonny Winter. Credence rocked the stadium. Peter Yarrow mc'd. Poco's first gig, James Gang's first gig, Joe Walsh changed a string during a long guitar solo.

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Robin said

I was a junior in H.S. when a group of us from huntington, L.I. headed to Shea Stadium for the "Concert for Peace." It truely was an unbelievable show! I have really enjoyed reading all the comments. It has brought back many great memories of that day. I do believe Richie Havens was singing "Freedom" when all the rafters started bouncing. We were on the second teir and you could relly feel the movement. Janis Joplin showing up was a HUGE bonus. I can't remember, but where "The Animals" there? "Mountain"?

[August 11, 2009 11:24 PM]  |  link  |  reply
howie said

I was there with my friend Mickey (where are you?) What a day, sat above home plate 2nd or third tier. We were sure that the place would collapse during Richie Haven's set. You didn't have to "inhale" to get the full effect. I'll always remember Paul Simon walking in from left field, about a week after the first final S&G concert at Forest Hills Stadium.

Last 4 acts were Simon, Joplin, Steppin Wolf & CCR.

I was going into 11th grade and when my father picked me up at the train he asked "what's that stink all over your clothes?"

[August 15, 2009 10:16 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Stu said

I was in the upper mezzanine - I believe it was while Richie Havens was playing that the tier I was beneath bounced so wildly that I imagined the Newsday headline: "Thousands crushed at stadium concert for peace."

The entire day was awesome and sweltering (August in NY) but there's no way to really describe seeing Janis that night- no performer I've seen since has even come close -the best that I can say is that it was like she was piercing me with lightning directed straight at me from second base-

and no concert I've seen since has really touched this one. It's great to see the memories shared here.

[December 28, 2009 2:55 PM]  |  link  |  reply
bob said

Some poster said the Rascals did not play... oh yes they did!! thats the reason my friends and I went!...They played a few songs, but one called "Come on up" was the one where an announcement came on " Please don't jump up and down too much as the upper deck is shaking!... was a GREAT concert and am privileged to have see Janis live in concert!..unfortunately as stated before, she was gone 2 months later... RIP Janis ..we love you...

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Mike said

I was there. It was Richie Havens' Freedom number where they stoped the show because left field upper deck stands were rocking. I was 2nd deck over home plate first row. We were sending paper airplanes with a surprise in them. {joint} John B. started and it just got better from there. We loved Janis joinng Big Brother and the holding co. No Hendrix. It was not Woodstock, but they screwed up by not filming it. Hope you were a lucky one to get a airplane

[January 30, 2010 2:26 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Mickey said

Howie it's Mickey. Great show we saw and am pembroke pines,fl.

[February 11, 2010 10:55 AM]  |  link  |  reply
stuart bender said

Wanted to add a note- I haven't noticed any mention yet of Dionne Warwick's appearance that morning.

[March 4, 2010 7:27 PM]  |  link  |  reply
andy mcbain said

I was just 15, me + My friend Louie from cliffside Park, NJ went over by subway. Our first time In NY by ourselves. We had worked that morning at Palisades Amusemnet Park + we tried to get other people to go but they weren't interested. I don't remember paying much maybe $5 to get in. It was probably our 3 rd time getting high, people were passing it around. I know Hendrix was not there, but Paul Butterfield Blues Band was there, not sure why nobody mentioned them, I remember Paul Simon, Poco, Credence, Steppenwolf + Janis, Grand Funk which I forgot about til recently. Now I realize why I have so many of their albums. I don't think the place was full, in fact it was kinda empty, but the place was rockin, I have been to hundreds of concerts + lots of festivals with multiple bands in the Pocono Speedway and in Germany while in the service, but this was the greatest one that I remember. Maybe because it was my first, Louie died and my parents never even knew I left Jersey

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Armand said

Hendrix was at this event and played one or one and a half songs, he sat on the stage while his band played most of the set. Rumor circulated among the crowd that he was too wasted to play. He eventually walked off stage while his back up band continued to play.

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Ken Davidoff said

I was going to The School Of Visual Arts studying photography,I was backstage, I had a press pass and had photographed Johnny Winter at the Palm Beach Pop Festival the year before. Janis Joplin was in the corner of the dressing room all decked out in her feathers, with lots of bracelets on her arms. I walked up to her and said " Do you want to smoke a joint" "No thanks, that stuff makes me crazy" and with that she takes out a brown paper bag with a bottle and takes a swig, at that moment Johnny Winter walks i, he sees Janice and they greet each other like long lost friends. Johnny grabs the bottle from Janice,and takes a drink, Janice grabs it back and does the same ,this goes on until it's finished. I managed to get off a few frames, also some pics of Johnny and Rick Derringer jamming. My site where you can see all of my photos from that day is www.oldrockphoto.com/shea.html I too have memories of the stadium tiers bouncing up and down, that concert really rocked the house.I hope everyone enjoys the photos, Peace, Ken

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Andrea said

I'm glad somebody else remembers Hendrix was there because I remember him playing!

[August 27, 2010 1:35 AM]  |  link  |  reply
k stein said

Glad to see this, I was just telling a family member about this concert with Janis. I had just said that my biggest disaappointment was that for some reason Jimi Hendrix was not going to be there.Still a great night as I got to see Janis and Creedenc e and Johnny winter and many It was billed as a 12 hour concert.

[August 31, 2010 5:40 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Rob said

Hi. I was 13 and my friend Mike was still 12. I think we took a bus to the concert. We sat way up in the seats, but it did not matter. It was my first concert and one of the bes line ups ever. Sat all day, with one great act folowing the next. Remember Janus, Poco, Tina Turner, and CCR the best. Also remember needing to pee really badly by the end of the day! Why are there no films or pictures? I too, still have my ticket stub and a clpping from the newspaper advertising the concert.I think I have seen a copy of the clipping online somewhere once. Great day and I will never forget it!

[March 23, 2011 1:52 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Jan said

I went with my 2 best friends from H.S. We went by subway from the Bronx. It was an awesome show, but have minimal recollection of it, so glad that other people have better memories than I do. I later moved to L.A., & my 2 friends wrote to me about "Concert for Bangladesh". Not quite the same! But at least I got to see Janis before she died.& Loved Paul Simon, &CCR, so the slight sunburn was worth the small price of admission.

[May 19, 2011 3:22 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Joe Russo said

This concert was the last performance of THE RASCALS with Eddie Brigati--they DID perform. I have about 20 minutes of film footage and an audio recording of The Rascals portion of the show made by one of their employees as he knew it was their final concert--Eddie Brigati actually made an announcement regarding the unstable shaking of the bleachers. Peter Yarrow came onstage and asked Eddie to make the announcement (this is actually in the film footage I have) he says:"cool it in the stands...don't get too crazy..because they're worried about security meausures" Also, Janis Joplin can be seen milling in the background behind members of The Rascals while they were hanging in the dugout waiting to go on--

[July 12, 2011 6:39 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Gary said

I met my first wife at this concert a day I will almost remember I was only 16

[July 14, 2011 10:18 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Bee said

I was there with my friend Linda D., and Aggie P. who was pregnant at the time. It was an amazing show, and it was more amazing when Janis showed up unexpectedly. Hendrix was not there. We packed a lunch and had a great time. Too bad it wasn't filmed. Maybe someone out there has something on film and they should put it on youtube.

[August 5, 2011 1:41 PM]  |  link  |  reply
marc samberg said

Hendrix was NOT there. Joplin was the best.

[August 31, 2011 3:16 PM]  |  link  |  reply
h Grape Minkoff said

I was there. I remember the Rascals and Credence (seemed like a short set to me - a few songs). I don't remember Janis who is/was one of my favorites. I don't think I paid anything for the show (I can check later). I do remember Yarrow saying they didn't make any money and could people send donations. I went to his office the next day and gave his office staff a dollar. I must have been the only one to do this as they went to the back and gave me a Peter Paul and Mary Greatest Hits LP (lucky me).

[November 4, 2011 10:02 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Rob T. said

I was there. It was my first concert. I was there with my life long friend Mike G. I still have the newspaper ad and ticket stub too. We were seated way back and I remember, 12 hours into it, CCR was great and boy did I need to use the restroom! Great music all day. Quite an experience and I can not believe that nobody filmed this. I would love to see it again. Anyone who has clips or video, please let me know. Thanks.

[December 22, 2011 1:24 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Dennis G. said

I remember being at this concert! Great music!! They only sold around 23,000 tickets, so the stadium was half empty. I seem to remember a lot of beach balls being hit around and even a little food fight at one point. The rest is pretty cloudy...LOL.

[January 19, 2012 3:54 PM]  |  link  |  reply
lory said

i was 17 the upper tier was moving, i saw at least one song of janis joplin before an undercover grabbed my arm and pulled me under the stadium where they set up a mini police station, thankfully i threw the piece of hash out of my hand an someone just stepped on it to hide it. all was well until i ate those cookies some one was passing around :)

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Steven Palmer said

I did not go to this concert. However, several years ago, I was speaking with Myra Friedman who had been Joplin's publicist and who wrote Buried Alive in the Blues. She was there with Joplin that day and said Joplin was so drunk that Myra was on the side of the stage yelling to her to get off the stage.

I forget where I found a photo of Joplin at the Peace Festival, but I had a copy made and gave it to my cousin who did attend.

[May 15, 2012 2:59 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Wes Golomb said

I was at this concert. In the morning were folk acts like peter paul and mary, tom paxton, paul simeon and in the evening Rock acts including Janis and Jimi. Poco was awesome as was creedence. I recall stepen wolf was there too, anyone have any more info photo or recordings of this show?

[August 22, 2012 7:07 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Freda said

my husband was at the Shea Stadium for the Summer of Peace in 1970, and said that Hendrix was not there. He really wanted a DVD or CD of it, but after reading, it does not seem to exist. He said Janis rocked:)

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