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by Kingman on August 1 at 5:36PM

AppleHere’s a site Loge13 readers can relate to: SaveTheApple.com

Their mission: to save Shea’s Home Run Apple and transfer it to Citi Field. From their site:

The Apple must stay. When the Mets move into Citi Field in 2009, the Apple must move with them. We don't want to see a new Apple, an updated Apple, or a modernized Apple.

We don't want to see a replica Apple.

We don't even want to see a cleaned up and repaired Apple. We want to see the same lumpy, grimy, dented, beat up Apple that's been sitting behind the center field wall in Shea Stadium for 27 years.

It may be ugly 80's relic, but it's our ugly 80's relic, and we want it to stay.

We can admire that.If we denizens of Loge13 can’t have our season ticket plan transferred to Citi Field, then at least move the Apple. Better that than stray Shea cats. 

Clearly Loge13 is not alone in its feelings about Shea’s demise…and especially the Mets transitions plans to date. You don’t have to live or work in the Iron Triangle to feel adrift.

There is an online petition that you can sign. Here is the text of the petition:


To:  Sterling Mets and Fred Wilpon

We, the Undersigned, as fans of the New York Mets and Shea Stadium implore Sterling Mets and Fred Wilpon to Save the Home Run Apple which currently resides in Shea Stadium from being auctioned or sold. We ask that the Home Run Apple be moved to Citi Field after the end of the 2008 Season so that on Opening Day 2009, the same Home Run Apple that has been with the Mets since 1980 remains with the Mets in their new home. We ask that only the normal amount of maintenance be given to the Apple and a fresh coat of paint would also be fine, but the Apple should remain as it has since it's installation.

We have come to countless games at Shea Stadium, we all have different memories, but one things remains the same for all Mets fans, and that is the thrill of seeing the Home Run Apple rise out of its top hat slowly after a Mets home run. A new apple will not be the same. What makes the Apple special is that it reminds Mets fans of their youth, of their past and the Mets' past, of coming out to the ballpark and watching a game of baseball. We don't need any crazy gimmicks, shiny apples, bright lights, just a large red Apple coming out of a top hat. The same Apple that has come out of the same top hat for generations of Mets fans.

We beg of you to Save the Apple and hope that you will take us seriously.

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Anonymous said

I'm neutral on the issue of the Apple, but it's not too early to start thinking about other artifacts of Shea. Has there been anything written about what will happen to the seats, for example? I know other teams have sold off the seats of their demolished stadiums. The current Shea seats aren't the originals - those were made of wood and were replaced at least once. How about the outfield fence? The scoreboard? (You'd need a BIG U-Haul to take that away!) Now, if you're REALLY a Shea fanatic, you can do what some Reds fans did when they reconstructed Crosley Field, and rebuild Shea somewhere else in Queens!

[August 6, 2007 2:02 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Skip Lockwood said

The Wilpons have assured the public that anything any nut would value from Shea will be sold off (including every seat).

As far as the apple goes, as one who remembers THE MAGIC IS BACK, I'd be glad to see it go and good riddance!

What they should save is the scoreboard in it's original, simple form (with cyclotronic shell!). I think it is great to have one central place that gives you access all the game through to lineups, out of town scores etc instead of having to wait for the info to flash through.

Also that scoreboard was such an iconic object in baseball. It was the biggest one when it was built. It loomed so large over the field and in the background of many a Topps baseball card photo. In the name of tradition, it should be preserved. But then again, I'm still missing the blue and orange pop art steel panels that used to be on the outside of the ballpark.

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Brad said

The old Apple is terrible. Why would we want a dented creeky old cheesy apple in a nice new stadium?! Let them build a shiny new one to go along with a beautiful new park. There is no need to bring the old apple.

[August 8, 2007 2:54 PM]  |  link  |  reply
James Vazquez said

Heres the thing. I HATE Shea Stadium! HATE IT! Always have always will! The place is a nightmare and I can't wait until its all gone and cars are parking over it!

I will say this though, I have always like the apple. Clean it up a little bit, slap a coat of paint on the hat just to liven it up and bring it next door.

[December 21, 2008 12:49 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Howie said

I read that they are putting in a new apple, but the old one is going to Citi Field too

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