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by Kingman on August 4 at 7:34AM

Shea_sunsetA recent Loge13.com visitor was inspired by the SaveTheApple.com site to leave the following comment:

“I'm neutral on the issue of the Apple, but it's not too early to start thinking about other artifacts of Shea. Has there been anything written about what will happen to the seats, for example? I know other teams have sold off the seats of their demolished stadiums. The current Shea seats aren't the originals - those were made of wood and were replaced at least once. How about the outfield fence? The scoreboard? (You'd need a BIG U-Haul to take that away!) Now, if you're REALLY a Shea fanatic, you can do what some Reds fans did when they reconstructed Crosley Field, and rebuild Shea somewhere else in Queens!”

Good questions, thanks.

A few months back, we did ponder what may happen to Shea’s pieces. The Wilpons have announced that Shea will not be imploded (and as another Loge13 commenter noted, Shea can’t be imploded – New York City law does not permit demolitions on this scale).

Instead Shea will be dismantled and chunks of it will be auctioned off. We in Loge13 applaud this effort. We have always hoped to have our seats for posterity, sitting in the yard or living rooms. In reviewing the other items we said we’d pay good money for, I was surprised to see the Magic Hat on the list! SaveTheApple.com is taking care of that detail. Here’s the rest of the list, with additions:

* Those old blue and orange aluminum siding pieces on the old (pre-1981) Shea.

* Tomato seedlings from Joe Pignatano’s garden.

* The old Casey’s Pub sign.

* The center field Magic Hat, which has hardly been used this year.

* An old pretzel from the 1970’s. Oh wait. I can still buy them at the concessions stands now.

* The Diamond Vision

* Any of the banners hanging from Shea’s walkways.

* The old team flags from the top of Shea, which haven’t flown since 2001.

* The old baseball-shaped bullpen carts. 

* The bleacher section. Would make a cool addition to any city park.

* The enormous Budweiser ad on the main scoreboard. Would make a cool addition to the side of my house and really annoy the neighbors.

* Or Save the whole stadium!

Feel free to send along your salvage requests.

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Doug said

Other Items to Consider Saving:

1. A piece of the Upper Deck, Left Field, Sections 46 and 48. Save enough so that Tom Agee's plaque and the white circle with the date of the event is saved to document the only home run hit into the Upper Deck (so far) at Shea.

2. The original section placards that used to adorn the portals to the seats.

The real bugger problem with many of the seats is that they bolt from behind, and would be a chore to mount anywhere else. You'd have to design a mounting system for them..

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