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by Kingman on August 2 at 9:11AM

Kelly-preston-travolta-ella-blueCame across this odd entry about a movie named “Old Dogs of Shea Stadium.”

John Travolta’s daughter (pictured with her mom) is starring in the film.

I can’t find anything in the IMDB or elsewhere online about a film of this name. Here is all babble.com had to say:

Ella Bleu Travolta is now an actress just like her parents (Kelly Preston pictured).  Whether or not she also inherited the "crazy" gene remains to be seen.  I won't make an official statement on the findings until she turns 18.

She is currently filming "Old Dogs of Shea Stadium" which I'm guessing is about a crappy Mets baseball team that can't learn any new tricks, in this case winning. Or it could be about dogs.

If anyone knows more about this, please enlighten us all.

Perhaps Babble.com is confused and they are really making a documentary about the old cats of Shea Stadium.

Full Disclosure: I am still not a cat lover.


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Eli said

This what I found on IMDB - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0976238/

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Ron Hunt said

John and Robin Williams were at Shea at last Thursday's nooner, they showed them with their kids on the DV and then asked everyone to applaud. There was some caption about grandparents under them and it was taped for the movie.

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kingman said

Thanks Eli and Ron. So the flick doesn't have Shea in the title. Bummer.

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jen said

what is wrong with ella?

[November 29, 2008 9:19 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Rebecca Garza said

old dogs of shea stadium
where have you been did you just come from under your rock? all you have to do is google old dogs and you will know what the film is about
its not about dogs or cats and for your infomation mr. ella is perfectly fine and a beautiful yong girl just like her parents and onother thing why do you assume its about the mets or being crapy John Travolta is about the finest actor there is out there and i am sick of people bashing the travolta's about there son
just because they dont make jett's life public or his condition you people assume he has something wrong with him just leave them alone already . have you nothing else to do.

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