— Days Without Shea —

Some of the best footage of early Shea Stadium can be found in the BBC documentary The Beatles at Shea Stadium, which came out in 1966. Here is the intro, with crisp footage of what Shea Stadium looked like 42 years ago today:

Shea5_policeMore on The Beatles historic Shea Stadium gig, which occured on August 15, 1965:

Vox had made some new and big special amplifiers devoted to the Beatles' tour. The usual power for such amplifiers was 30 W; now they were able to deliver a huge 100 W ! But that was still insufficient, the crowd screaming was stronger...

Fans were screaming all along the show and could hear almost nothing from the Beatles' performance...

... and it didn't matter, they wanted to see The Beatles, nothing more... 

But this was a problem for the Fabulous Four who could neither hear what they played ! They had to look at each other to check whether they were still synchronised, unable to rely on Ringo's beat or on anyone else playing. 

This was particularly hard for Ringo who stood behind the three others and who couldn't neither see them, nor hear them.

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