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by Kingman on August 11 at 8:01AM

Kingman is on vacation the next two weeks but we left behind some “Beach Reading” in Loge13. This entry comes from site friend Bob, who has an excellent archive of Met memorabilia:

The NY Daily News pulled out all the stops on October 14, 1969 as the World Series moved to Shea Stadium for the very first time.  Their front page featured this charming illustration:


and the back page showed two of the team's stars, Tom Seaver and Tommie Agee. 


I bought this newspaper on the way to Shea that day, and then preserved it in my scrapbook after the Mets won the game 5-0. 

I love the illustration. Recently, I was watching the 1969 series on TV with my son and was amazed at the wardrobe of the patrons. All the men wore suits to the game. When did that stop?

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BobR said

My guess is that the men wearing suits were the invited guests - in other words, not the regular fans but celebrities and business people with connections. I'm sure some of Bill Shea's law office colleagues were there. They probably hit the office in the morning before heading to the ballpark. I can't recall ever seeing someone wearing a suit at Shea. Certainly not in the nosebleed seats where I always sat. But if you look at photos and movies of earlier baseball games - even in the mid-1950s, it seemed like all the men were dressed up in suits. Kind of incomprehensible these days, but people dressed up for practically any occasion not that long ago.

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joel said

i want to 1969

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