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by Kingman on August 6 at 9:32AM

Glavine_300Congrats to Tom Glavine on his 300th career victory last night.

Loge13 alum Ross Jones was in Wrigley Field last night and text messaged us at 11:41 PM EST with one word: “History!” (If Loge13.com paid by the word, I bet these eyewitness accounts would be a bit longer).

It was great to see Glavine get the 300th win after only two tries. I presumed he was going to go on a two-month winless streak, torturing himself and his family throughout the pennant race.

As a Met fan, does it mean much? Lets put it in context. Glavine is now the 23rd 300 game winner in baseball history. Three of those other guys were Mets at one time (Warren Spahn, Nolan Ryan and Tom Seaver). Spahn only got 7 of his 363 wins as a Met before retiring so he doesn’t really count. But Ryan and Seaver didn’t have their magic moments as Mets. Most painfully, Seaver was a White Sox who notched his 300th victory IN YANKEE STADIUM (Video of that here). So lets consider Glavine’s accomplishment some surrogate history. Besides he’s a good guy and solid team leader.

The reactions on the Atlanta Journal Constitution blogs are fascinating this morning. Readers were asked if they cared about Glavine’s 300th victory. Alot of posters are gracious but, understandably, many hate Glavine for leaving Atlanta for more money from the Mets. Also there’s still alot of resentment over his union activities.

For the record: Atlanta did not offer Glavine a reasonable contract several years ago. They thought he was washed up and challenged him to hit the open market. The Mets offered more years and more money. He took it. Glavine would have gone back to Atlanta last year if the Braves wanted him. They didn’t. So Glavine will wear a Braves cap in Cooperstown and will always wear a Met uniform for his 300th victory. Blame your owners.

Here are some excerpted responses from the Journal-Consitution:

As far as I am concerned, Tom Glavine is still the face of the Atlanta Braves. There are others (Chipper, Smoltz, Murphy) but TG is still the anchor of what was the greatest ever assembled pitching staff.

It sickens me that this happened in a Mets uniform. What’s even sicker is that is was avoidable and all you idiots that boo him at Turner field - SHAME ON YOU. That’s like booing your mother.

Great job Tommy. You deserve it.

By ConyersDawg

It took a few years for Braves fans to get over Glavine leaving us for The Mets of all teams….actually I take that back—-Braves fans will never truly get over that, but lets just say the sting as worn off a little, and we all know that he is a Brave at heart…and deep down we all respect him especially for what he did for Atlanta while he was here….and we are all very happy for him….even though it had to come with a Mets win :(! Congrats Glavine!

Never will I pull for a guy over a team. He wouldn’t have won 300 tonight if he had been playing for the Mets the whole time. Lots of fun games from him here, but once he left, I left him too.

Benedict Glavine…enough said!

I will not cheer for any traitor wearing the NY MUTS uniform!

I can’t believe how clueless the posters on this board are about what really happened when Tom Glavine left the Braves- the Braves organization showed him no respect and wouldn’t make a reasonable offer to keep him in Atlanta. Furthermore, Glavine desperately wanted to return to the Braves for the 2007 season (his deal with the Mets was up after 2006) but Scherholz and Co. wouldn’t make him an offer last winter- that’s right they wouldn’t make him an offer at ANY price. Glavine wanted to win number 300 in a Braves uniform, but the Braves organization refused to lift a finger to make it happen.

Tom WHO!!!!! He’s a MET now not a BRAVE so I really don’t give a rats a_ _ what Glavine does!!!!!!!

He hurt a lot of Good Triple A Players in the so called players strike.He is ALL about money and cares for no one else but himself. I lost respect for him over that. Sorry Guy’s but I know some of the players that were hurt.


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